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Anyone who knows me will probably know that I love planning parties and celebrations. My first job for planning any type of party is coming up with a theme, and then it’s the invitation. I think that the invite really gives the first inkling of what a party is going to be like, so I always match it with the theme in some way.

I think the last time I actually used pre-prepared invitations was for our wedding, back in 2008. Since then I have always taken to designing my own, or having someone design them for me to very specific requirements! I know that some people just prefer to have someone do it for them as they don’t have the patience, or the time.

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Though I’m organised in designing and printing invites, I have been known to leave it right until the last minute to actually deliver them (!). I recently discovered Paperless Post, which takes away the need for physically delivering invitations; all you need is an email address, to send them online! You are able to design an invite from a selection of hundreds for a multitude of occasions; but not just limited to invitations either, you can also send cards, announcements, and thank yous.

Paperless Post

Paperless Post uses virtual “coins” to buy paperless invitations (or whatever you want to send); you do have to buy these with real money, of course. But, I am able to give away 1600 coins ($160 value) to one lucky winner! All you need to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below, and off you go – good luck!

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  1. I would use the Totally Rad online paper for party invitations.

  2. I would send the Thank You cards or the Just Because cards. There is an amazing selection of designs. I really like the Giant Panda sending Giant Thanks


  4. invitations for my sons 18th birthday party

  5. I would send birthday invitations for my friends daughters birthday.

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  7. Invitations for my son’s 13th Birthday 🙂

  8. Invitations

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