Coffee around the world

Coffee around the world

Coffee. This wonderful liquid is sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day! Wake up – coffee. Breakfast – coffee. Mid morning break – coffee. Lunch time – coffee. You get the gist. I will mostly drink an instant coffee during the day, but come night time I love to relax with a latte from my coffee machine – I do love a latte macchiato.

Through visiting coffee shops I do know that there are so many different types, but I never realised there was so many ways to drink coffee around the world! Coffee In My Veins has put together this really interesting infographic, showing how different countries make their signature coffee.

I quite fancy the sound of a Spanish Café con miel, a German Eiskaffe, or an Irish coffee; I think I might have to make it my mission to try all of these! What do you like the sound of, or have you actually tried any?

Coffee around the world

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