New year, new…blog?

stacey in the Sticks.

You may or may not have noticed (if you didn’t know my blog title before, anyway), that the name of my blog has changed. There’s no “new year, new me” here, instead it’s “new year, new blog”; well kinda.

For the last few months I haven’t really had much motivation regarding the blog; I felt like I was just churning stuff out, and not really getting anywhere. The previous name – Nobody Said It Was Easy – was given when I started this blog baby six years ago, when we were struggling with trying for a real baby. I had infertility issues, which you can read about here, and the title seemed pretty apt at the time.

As the years went by, I had even more struggles with depression. And then I had a miscarriage, with the depression continuing and after Noah’s pregnancy; so the name just kind of stuck. But, in the last year or so, I haven’t really blogged about any of these things so the blog name just didn’t seem very fitting any more; hence me losing motivation.

A few months ago I decided it was time for a name change and re-brand; my lovely blogging friends came up with some great ideas – as I’m obviously incapable of choosing one myself… Anyway, Rachel at Coffee, Cake, Kids suggested Stacey in the Sticks and I thought it was absolutely perfect for our new (ish) life in the country. So, here I am!

I’ve also decided to take a little step back from this blog; to be able to concentrate more on book reviews and the book blog I co-write. So, I’ve also decided to refine what I blog about. Instead of a little bit of everything, I will mostly be concentrating on recipes (still including Slimming World), food & kitchen reviews, and our country lifestyle & interiors. Kind of an easy-living style blog I suppose. I may throw a bit of the old random into the mix, if I have time or reason!

I really do appreciate all of my readers, and I hope the regular readers who have come to love my blog and been with me since the beginning, will continue to stick with me, out here in the sticks 🙂


One thought on “New year, new…blog?

  1. Good luck, the name is great and I hope a fresh start gives you some more enthusiasm and enjoyment back!

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