Panasonic Precision Gourmet Processor - First Impressions

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Recently I was sent the third product to try out as part of my Panasonic Kitchen ambassadorship; the Gourmet Processor. I do already own a food processor, but just a bog standard one with a few different blade attachments; nothing like this one.

Introducing the Precision Gourmet Processor, the latest all-in-one convenience. Japanese glass touch programme interface technology offers easy and elegant operation when preparing food in a variety of ways, ensuring your fresh ingredients become spectacular meals, every time.


On first glance at the Gourmet Processor, you can immediately tell it is from the Panasonic Kitchen as it carries the same sleek black and silver design, with one touch functions, light up interface, and a smooth dial. In fact, it does look very similar to the High Speed Blender that I have also had the chance to test out. Like the blender, it has more of a square design so it will slot nicely into a suitable space in the kitchen. Once again though, it is quite heavy!


There are a lot of attachments that come with the processor, so you know you will be able to do so much with it. It has five pre-programmed one touch functions enabling you to chop veg, mince a variety of meat, turn nuts into a paste, blend frozen ingredients, and even drain salad! All at the touch of a button. Altogether, it gives you an amazing 33 functions, able to be carried out with the 13 accessories provided with it.

Key features

As I mentioned above, the Gourmet Processor has a mighty impressive 33 functions, but some of the key features are:

  • BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester bowl and bowl lid, for guaranteed safety and security
  • die cast aluminium body
  • manual, pulse, and auto speed control
  • easy lift bowl
  • salad drainer
  • pre-cleaning function


Like the Steam Combi Oven this Processor has a lot of functions; but unlike the Oven, the manual for this was easier to read. It was pretty simple to use once reading up on what the functions did; both the pre-programmed ones and the manual mode. Like the High Power Blender, the blades on this are very sharp so will cut through almost any ingredient; it does also have a blender jug as well as the processor bowl, so two main uses which makes it space saving too. I used the frozen function and was super impressed with how smooth my ingredient came out (the recipe will be coming soon!). The processor also has a pre-cleaning function; just add water to the bowl, make sure the lid is secured tight, press the button and with its high power, it gets it practically sparkling clean, so there’s no need for scrubbing.

Panasonic precision gourmet blender pre cleaning function

*This post forms part of my ambassador role for the Panasonic Kitchen.

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  1. This looks brill – I love the sleek designs of all of these products and it sounds like it does so much! I also really love the pre-clean function; things like that make such a difference when you’re using something all the time! x

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