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Can you believe it’s Christmas so soon?! I don’t know where the year has gone – since N arrived, it’s gone so fast. One thing we’ll be doing next month is writing letters to Santa – well, I’ll be writing them whilst J tells me what he would like, and I think he’ll tell me what N would like too.

Now anyone would think that we’ve written them already, as I already have Santa’s reply letters here (shhh, I will post them so the boys will never know!). They have come straight from the Lapland Mailroom! The Lapland Mailroom has three different letter packages available – just the letter, the letter and an activity pack, or a Baby’s 1st Christmas letter. (Also for a limited time, each letter comes with a free ‘Nice Child’ certificate from Santa). Other than with the Baby’s First Christmas, there are also three different letters to choose from so if you have more than one child they can each receive a different letter, and they can be signed from Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

Once you have decided on your letter, the personalisation process is really easy with lots of options to customise. You then just need to input the recipient’s address and your details and continue to checkout (you can pay by PayPal as well as card).

The detail on the envelope and letter is really authentic and I think children will get so excited when they see it.

The letter itself is quite long so a younger child (and possibly older child) would need help reading it, but it is in such a friendly tone, just as you would expect from Santa! 
The certificate that comes with the letter is a really nice touch which also adds to the excitement, and it’s good for them to know that they are on Santa’s nice list – they can proudly display it for others to see!
For an extra £1 you can include an activity pack which includes lots of colouring for them to do including (amongst others) a Christmas card, a ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign, and an elf yourself – fun activities for the run up to Christmas (I think I might be doing some of these!).

Overall I think these letters are fantastic to give the feel of the true magic of Christmas. I’m not sure if I would pay £6.95 but this is the first letter the boys have ever had so I don’t really have anything to compare it with.

A standard letter from the Lapland Mailroom costs £6.95, with an activity pack it is £7.95. All letters also come with a free ‘Nice Child’ certificate for a limited time only. They post worldwide and dispatch within 3 days of your order being placed. You can find postal dates here.

My rating – 4.5/5

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