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Wednesday 11th December – 29w
Backache seems to have really kicked in now. I walked to & from the supermarket with little man in his pushchair, 10 minutes each  way, and by the time I got home I could barely move. Again, it was never like this with little man. Not a lot I can do about it though other than get a support or something! 

Friday 13th December – 29w 2d
Pregnancy dream time, two of them last night. The first one, all of the Fast & Furious movies were banned after Paul Walker’s death, but hubby was an obsessed fan and just couldn’t stop himself but he got caught by the police and nearly got shot. The second one I can’t remember in detail so it seems rambled, but it was something like the following… I was with a group of friends exploring a haunted house, watched over by a strange man who just sat in the corner of a room with a newspaper. Outside there was a graveyard but the man said it was OK to have a look, but as we were leaving he started digging it up and a load of zombies crawled out… So we all ran away. The end. 

Saturday 14th December – 29w 3d
I can definitely feel hiccups today! I’d forgotten how cute that was! 

Sunday 15th December – 29w 4d
Have had so many sharp pains down below today, from this baby trying to kick (or punch!) its way out, ouch! On top of that I’ve had an awful headache all day making me feel dizzy; along with being tired all I’ve wanted to do is lie in bed (no such luck though). 

Monday 16th December – 29w 5d
I think berry has been lying transverse today, it has been SO uncomfortable, and quite painful actually. Also had a phone call about the swabs I had taken saying I have a bacterial infection (I feel like a yucky person as I hate to be dirty!) and I have to take a week’s course of medication then have more swabs to see if it has gone. I also need to book my flu jab when I go to collect my prescription. 

Tuesday 17th December – 29w 6d
I’ve been feeling a little fed up lately for various reasons so have lost all motivation to do anything. If anybody finds it, please return it to me?! 

At 29 weeks, berry is the size of a butternut squash.
The sensory organs are well developed and berry is beginning to regulate their own temperature.
The bone marrow is now completely in charge of producing red blood cells.
The lungs are developed enough to breathe air.
Berry is urinating around half a litre of urine a day into the amniotic fluid.

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