The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 29

Wednesday 11th December – 29w
Backache seems to have really kicked in now. I walked to & from the supermarket with little man in his pushchair, 10 minutes each  way, and by the time I got home I could barely move. Again, it was never like this with little man. Not a lot I can do about it though other than get a support or something! 

Friday 13th December – 29w 2d
Pregnancy dream time, two of them last night. The first one, all of the Fast & Furious movies were banned after Paul Walker’s death, but hubby was an obsessed fan and just couldn’t stop himself but he got caught by the police and nearly got shot. The second one I can’t remember in detail so it seems rambled, but it was something like the following… I was with a group of friends exploring a haunted house, watched over by a strange man who just sat in the corner of a room with a newspaper. Outside there was a graveyard but the man said it was OK to have a look, but as we were leaving he started digging it up and a load of zombies crawled out… So we all ran away. The end. 

Saturday 14th December – 29w 3d
I can definitely feel hiccups today! I’d forgotten how cute that was! 

Sunday 15th December – 29w 4d
Have had so many sharp pains down below today, from this baby trying to kick (or punch!) its way out, ouch! On top of that I’ve had an awful headache all day making me feel dizzy; along with being tired all I’ve wanted to do is lie in bed (no such luck though). 

Monday 16th December – 29w 5d
I think berry has been lying transverse today, it has been SO uncomfortable, and quite painful actually. Also had a phone call about the swabs I had taken saying I have a bacterial infection (I feel like a yucky person as I hate to be dirty!) and I have to take a week’s course of medication then have more swabs to see if it has gone. I also need to book my flu jab when I go to collect my prescription. 

Tuesday 17th December – 29w 6d
I’ve been feeling a little fed up lately for various reasons so have lost all motivation to do anything. If anybody finds it, please return it to me?! 

At 29 weeks, berry is the size of a butternut squash.
The sensory organs are well developed and berry is beginning to regulate their own temperature.
The bone marrow is now completely in charge of producing red blood cells.
The lungs are developed enough to breathe air.
Berry is urinating around half a litre of urine a day into the amniotic fluid.

Review – Spatone iron supplement

If you are a regular reader of my pregnancy diaries you will know that I suffer from low iron levels and have to take iron tablets for the remainder of my pregnancy (and most likely a while afterwards, if my experience after little man arrived is anything to go by). In turn this also makes me feel ill, with symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. Now like many people I hate taking tablets, but had been recommended to try a certain liquid iron supplement by a few friends. So when the lovely people at Nelsons invited me to try Spatone, I jumped at the chance. 

There are many reasons why Spatone is a great alternative to the usual iron tablets:
  • 100% natural
  • the iron in Spatone is highly absorbable 
  • gentle on the stomach
  • suitable during pregnancy
  • unique product format

Spatone comes in two flavours – the original, and an apple flavour. I chose to try the apple flavour.
Spatone is now also available in a delicious apple flavour with Vitamin C. These convenient, one-a-day sachets, packed with the taste of juicy, ripe apples make iron supplementation not only easy but tasty too! 
One sachet of Spatone Apple can provide you with your recommended daily amount (RDA) of iron and Vitamin C, well-known for its ability to increase the absorption of iron.
Vitamin C contributes to a healthy immune and nervous system whilst also supporting our energy metabolism thus reducing tiredness and fatigue.
Spatone Apple’s convenient, one-a-day sachets can be easily popped into your pocket or handbag making it the most convenient iron supplement available.
Ideal to use when you are on-the-go!

Each box comes with 28 sachets, so you get a month’s supply. A box of 28 is priced at around £10 depending where you buy it (this is for the apple flavour, the original is a little cheaper). I received two boxes as pregnant women should take two sachets a day.

As well as the sachets of Spatone, there is a handy little leaflet with all of the information that you should want to know before trying it. 

One of the main reasons I went for the apple flavour is that I admittedly don’t get as much vitamin C as I should do, so after reading the description I thought that it would kill two birds with one stone. 

The sachets are a good size to keep in your handbag if you are always busy and on the go.

I tend to take all my medication at night though so mine were just kept in the cupboard in the box, to take before bed along with my other medication. I have to say I found the sachets quite hard to open without scissors so I’m not sure how I would manage that on the go, but on the flip side this is also a good thing as it means no leakage all over your bag! I also found the sachets quite difficult to drink straight out of it unless you take it all in one go, though nearer the end of this course I found a knack to it! Most of the time though I just poured it straight into a glass. 

On first taste it was a little strange, but I think this is because of the packaging. After a couple of days though I never noticed it and all I could taste was apple – it was practically like drinking apple juice! Funnily enough, it also looks like apple juice! 

As with any medication or supplement it takes a few days to kick in and ‘work’, so I didn’t notice a difference in how I felt straight away. Coming up to the end of the first week I started to notice a slight difference in how I was feeling. Not half as many headaches before and the frequent dizzy spells were becoming less and less. It has also made my constant tiredness a lot better and I can now manage to muster up the energy to stand and cook a meal most days! I just feel a whole lot better in general than I do with taking pills. 

I will be continuing to buy Spatone as I think for the price it is worth it for your health and wellbeing. I would also recommend it to my readers who don’t like taking pills.

*Spatone and iron tablets should not be taken together.  

My rating – 4/5


I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own. 

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 17

Wednesday 18th September – 17w
Even though little man wasn’t here this morning, I still woke before 7am and couldn’t get back to sleep! I was planning a relaxed morning but by 8.10am I’d managed to take the rubbish out, was the dishes, put a laundry load on, and hoover right through! I did sit down after that but I ended up doing blogging things. So I am still as tired as usual tonight even though I’ve only been looking after little man half the day. 

Thursday 19th September – 17w 1d
Have been busy packing for our holiday today – well, attempting to with little man running around! The first time I have gotten so stressed about packing, which in turn has tired me out something rotten. And given me an awful headache which nothing has shifted.

Friday 20th September – 17w 2d
Was up early this morning to do last minute bits ready to set off on the 4 hour journey to our holiday cottage. I fell asleep on the way there, still tired from yesterday obviously! I’ve still had a pounding headache all day too which again nothing has gotten rid of, so an early night for me. 

Saturday 21st September – 17w 3d
I’ve noticed more bump expansion today! I’m definitely bigger this time than I was with little man, but obviously everything is already spread out! 

Sunday 22nd September  17w 4d
Little man has been an absolute nightmare, behaviour wise, today. I’m turning into a very stressed pregnant lady – pregzilla on the loose…

Monday 23rd September – 17w 5d
I’ve had immense munchies today. Wanted to eat anything and everything in sight. But it’s started a lot later this time than with little man. Which hopefully means I haven’t gained as much weight – I will get weighed again at some point but I’m not obsessing about it this time, just being more careful. 

Tuesday 24th September – 17w 6d
What a day. 

At 17 weeks, berry is the size of an onion.
The placenta is growing to accommodate berry’s growth.
Berry also starts to form fat under their skin.
Movements are becoming stronger and more frequent, with loud noises outside the uterus possibly startling them.
They have mastered reflexes such as swallowing, sucking & blinking.
The skeleton is changing from cartilage to bone.
They can move their joints and sweat glands are starting to develop.
The umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger every day.

Routine midwife visit (update)

Yesterday was our 15/16 week routine midwife visit. Just went through the norms, my blood results from booking in came back fine for everything, then she took more blood for the Down’s screening, as the sonographer couldn’t get a measurement at our scan! I will get the results from that through the post. I told her about the bleeding I’d had, and that there’d been nothing since, so she was pleased about that. 

I mentioned about my headaches, she said I am safe to take 2 paracetemol, and if it doesn’t go after that then it is a “hormone headache”. I then decided that if it does disappear, then it must just be a husband headache! (Don’t tell him I said that!) I have only been taking half at once though so far, and it’s gone, so it must be the latter…

Next appointment is at 25 weeks, on the 29th November, when she will measure bump and listen in! Exciting! Though we have our 20 week scan before that so that is more exciting 🙂