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Baker Days are a company situated on the edge of Sherwood Forest, and as you can probably tell by the name, they bake! They produce party cakes, personalised cakes, photo cakes, cupcakes, and now through innovation, they can even deliver you a cake through your letterbox! That’s right, nobody has to be in to receive it, and it can be waiting for the recipient when they get home. 

I have seen lots of talk about these cakes on social media and have been lusting after one myself, so I was thrilled when I was asked if I would like to try one. Letterbox cakes are just the right size to fit through your letterbox at 5 inches wide, and they are just big enough for one or two people to enjoy. 

It took me a while to decide which design of Christmas themed cake I wanted to try as there are so many lovely ones. In the end I went for the Christmas Time one and had our family selfie from last Christmas put on it. 

The cake arrived through the letterbox in a standard packaging box, which you can also put a message on such as ‘Do not open until…’ which would mean you could get it delivered before the day and it would be an even better surprise (especially as the cakes last for a couple of weeks). Inside this was the cake in a lovely little metal tin, which I think I will keep as it is nice to put sweets or something in, even to pass on to someone else in the future. It also made me smile to see a little cracker beside the tin, it gave it that extra Christmassy feel! The actual cake was then inside this, then inside the special packaging which keeps it fresh, with instructions on how to remove it. 

On first glance I thought it was a little small, but I don’t know how big I was expecting when it does state 5 inches on the website – I think I just expect big when I think of cake! I loved seeing our family photo on there, though the quality wasn’t as good as I was expecting, but the image I provided was a little blurry in itself anyway. I think if I had sent this to, for example, a long distance relative it would have been a lovely surprise for them. 

As you can see I decided to cut through hubby’s face (which I’m sure he very much appreciated!). Each piece was plenty big enough to share between two people, in fact I would say that it would stretch to 3 as I couldn’t finish my piece, so that was saved for little man. The cake was stuck to the board with jam (which was lovely by the way) and the cake itself was a soft vanilla sponge. Both hubby & I thought it was delicious; I thought it was a little sickly eventually, but that’s not a bad thing! Some of the best cakes I have eaten, I haven’t managed a full piece; I do tend to feel sick quite quickly with sweet things. 

With prices starting at £14.99, I think this is a lovely little gift to send to a relative or friend on a special birthday, to say thank you, or even a birth announcement! In fact if you look at the categories on the website, the possibilities are endless! 

My rating – 3/5


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