Our favourite five – August | Bike rides, biscuits & Beanies

Our favourite five - August

August seemed to fly by. I think it’s because The Husband had a week off toward the end of the month, and so we had a day out and did some last minute school shopping for Jacob. I kind of wanted it to pass by slowly as when September arrived, it meant only another 4 days until starting school!

It’s going to be really odd during the week when he’s not here. It will be quiet(er) and I will only have one small person pestering me during the day. But it also means I might be able to get a bit more work done as I won’t be constantly tearing them apart!

So, what were our favourite five for the month of August?

Family bike rides

The Husband likes going for bike ride once the boys are in bed; but he thought it might be nice if he took them on some during the days he had off work too. So he bought one of those bike trailers, a double one of course. They went out a couple of times and although it was nice to have some me time, I actually felt a bit left out, ha! So we bought a new cheap bike for me too. We managed to have a lovely ride all the way to a nearby village (3 miles away) to feed the ducks!

Family bike ride (2)

Family bike ride

PiCK UP! Minis

We are a family of biscuit lovers and so when Bahlsen asked if we would like to try some of their new PiCK UP! Minis, how could I refuse? Though I have seen PiCK UP! about in stores, I have never actually bought them before. They are a delicious slab of chocolate nested between two plain crunchy biscuits; so actually, they taste just like a bar of chocolate between two rich tea biscuits! They are really moreish which is why I’m glad they come in a mini version now. They are perfect for picnics or pack ups, and I’ve also been enjoying them with a cuppa. (And they are only 2.5 syns each for you Slimming World’ers out there!).

PiCK UP! Minis

A visit to the aquarium

On our family day out mentioned at the beginning of this post, we went to The Deep in Hull. I’ve been wanting to take the boys for a while now but my phobia of sharks has always put me off. (Selachophobia is its proper name, if you were wondering). Whenever we visit an aquarium with sharks, I usually just remove my specs so I can’t see, or better yet, avoid aquariums altogether! But, I don’t want the boys to be afraid and I don’t want them to miss out either. So I bit the bullet and decided to man up to the sharks. With your entry ticket to The Deep you also get a years free entry which is a bonus.

There’s quite a lot to see; it’s not just full of sea creatures, there is also a lot of information about the history of the sea and some exhibits. So it’s actually a bit like a museum too. We had a good couple of hours exploring; there is even a small soft play area near the end which the boys loved. (I might have bribed them to get them out). If you arrive at the right time, you can see the divers feeding the sea creatures. There is even a lift to take you back up through the largest tank. Obviously not actually in it. But still pretty cool. I think we will definitely be visiting again with our free pass!

The Deep

Beanies coffee

I have also been sent some Beanies coffee to try this month. I’ve actually been meaning to try some for ages as it’s syn free on Slimming World and there are so many lovely flavours. So many that I couldn’t decide which I wanted. In the end I went for Coconut Delight, Irish Cream, and Cinder Toffee. I would say out of the three, the coconut one is my favourite as it’s the only one you can really tell what flavour it is supposed to be. The others are lovely too, but they don’t have as much of a distinctive flavour. They are great for baking with too though and I have a recipe coming up soon!

Beanies coffee

Being crowned Slimming World Woman of the Year in group

I’m not going to write too much about this as I mentioned it in a weigh in post and then I wrote a dedicated post which you can read here. But I have to say it has been one of the highlights of my year, never mind August! It was an absolute honour to even be nominated, but to go ahead and actually win is just an amazing feeling. I don’t think I will ever tire of sharing this photo.

Woman of the Year

What did you enjoy during August?

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  1. Well done for trying to face your shark phobia . The Deep sounds like something my boys would love! You have done amazingly well on SW so winning was so very well deserved too! Thank you for linking up to #OurFaveFive

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