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I’ve decided that from this weigh in onward, I am dropping the number of the weigh in. As the weeks go on and that number goes up, it is getting a little disheartening as it is such a high number now and I am not yet at target. I don’t mind taking the scenic route, as I always have done. But, I think it might make me feel a bit better in general.

At last week’s weigh in I seemed to be continuing my trend of only losing half a pound, and that’s okay. The closer to target, the harder it is to lose – I know that. I went away from group feeling confident about the week ahead and I was doing okay. Until I had a bit of a mini breakdown over something stupid, and I just wanted to eat rubbish. Which lasted a couple of days. 

As usual nowadays, I ended up regretting it as I knew it would most likely have a negative effect on me. As I’ve said previously, I don’t know why I still do it! Mostly because, I know I can still eat a bit of rubbish food and manage to stay on plan, but instead I just think ‘F**k it” and completely blow it.

Anyway, I have been a little better at posting on Instagram this week, so here are a few meals:


I was already feeling nervous before I went to weigh in as I felt really bloated, and I knew the rubbish I had eaten would have probably caused a gain. Stepping on the scales, they told me I had a 2.5lb gain; I was expecting maybe one or two pounds but I was a bit gutted with that amount, even though I knew exactly where it had come from.

Slimming World weigh in

I’m at that point now where I’m battling between wanting to call target soon, but also wanting to get my 4st award. I am pretty comfortable with my clothes size, but I am still quite wobbly. I know that I need to tone those bits up though, and I’ll get there at some point.

I’m going to change my target at group next week, but I’ve worked out that I can bring it up by 3lb from what it is set at now, and still be able to get my 4st within my target range. I really want that target by my 30th birthday – five weeks away! Now I only have 6lb to go, it seems doable – fingers crossed!

My stats for this week

  • starting weight – 13st 4.5lb
  • previous weight – 9st 9.5lb
  • current weight – 9st 12lb
  • loss this week – 2.5lb GAIN
  • loss so far – 3st 6.5lb
  • Club 10 target weight – 11st 13.5lb
  • final target weight – 9st 6lb

Hubby has lost 1st 1.5lb so far!

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