Our jewellery loves

Our jewellery loves (not a second hand Rolex)

As a teen I used to wear a watch all of the time, I felt lost without one. And then for some reason I just stopped, and it’s only recently I have started wearing one again. Whereas The Husband, he always wears a watch so he owns more than me! I do own a lot of jewellery, though I am more of a kitsch jewellery kind of person. Although sometimes, it’s nice to wear something more luxury and delicate, for special occasions for example.

I’m sure everybody has a piece of jewellery that is their favourite. The Husband bought me a watch for Christmas last year (ooh, the exciting ‘C’ word!) and although I had to get it resized due to losing weight, it has quickly become my favourite ever watch that I’ve owned. I believe it was inexpensive but I think it looks very luxurious!

Our jewellery loves - watch

My most favourite piece of “actual” jewellery is my charm bracelet that I received for Christmas a couple of years ago. Over the last couple of years my charms have built up and they are all charms that mean something special to me and I will treasure forever.

Our jewellery loves - charm bracelet

The Husband doesn’t really have a favourite watch as such, not one that he wears anyway. His most treasured piece of watch jewellery – I guess you can call it that – is a pocket watch from his aunt in the USA. It doesn’t actually work at the moment but it is beautiful to look at.

Our jewellery loves - pocketwatch

There is one particular luxury watch brand that I know he would love to own, and that’s a Rolex! I don’t think we will ever actually be able to afford a brand new one, but maybe a second hand Rolex could be on the cards if we ever come into some money 😉 . I notice Xupes also do watch repairs and servicing, so this could be an option to look into for his pocket watch.

Do you own any preowned jewellery? What’s your favourite piece of jewellery or watch that you own?

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