Panasonic Steam Combi Oven - First Impressions

If you have been over on my Facebook page recently then you may have seen that I am an ambassador for Panasonic Kitchen for the coming year. This means I will be sharing some fantastic new products with you, my thoughts on them, and of course a recipe or two for each product.

I am so excited to share with you my first impressions on the first product I have been sent to try out from the Panasonic kitchen – the Panasonic Steam Combi NN-CS894.

The new Panasonic Steam Combi is a revolution for your kitchen, combining the power to steam, grill, bake and microwave your food simply. By retaining the vitamins in your food it also keeps your dishes healthier and tastier. And being quick to use leaves you more time to show off your new found culinary talents.


The Panasonic Steam Combi has a very sleek, modern look. It’s a black and silver colour which fits right in, in any kitchen. It has a mirror finish (so you will have to excuse my messy kitchen in these photos! Just keeping it real 😉 ) with no bulky buttons or dials, so it’s a really clean design. I love the intelligent digital display too. It is rather large and heavy though so on first thoughts not ideal for a small kitchen with limited worktop space (494 x 390 x 438 mm with a 410 x 250 x 320 mm cavity). Saying that, it does steam, bake, grill, and microwave so it is many appliances rolled into one. Therefore, it could be the only cooking appliance that a small kitchen needs.

Panasonic Steam Combi Oven - First Impressions


With a quick glance through the instruction book you can see it can be used to cook practically anything with its many functions and combinations. It can grill bacon, cook roast potatoes, steam vegetables, reheat, and what I was most impressed with and excited about – it can bake cakes! Plus so much more on top of this. It has two levels and four accessories included (a glass shelf, an enamel shelf, a wire shelf, and a plastic trivet) so it can also be used to cook a whole meal, saving both time and energy.

Key features

The Panasonic Steam Combi has many features and functions but some of the main features that make it unique are:

  • turbo steam directly into the oven = turbo cooking
  • simultaneous combi cooking for cooking to perfection with micro power, then auto grilling for a finishing touch
  • built-in sensor technology for practically automatic cooking
  • self-cleaning top and back surfaces
  • a flatbed design making it up to 45% bigger than the traditional turntable, to accomodate most dish shapes and sizes
  • swipe & touch technology to quickly, easily, and precisely select options

Panasonic Steam Combi Oven - First Impressions


I have to admit, before using it I was a little overwhelmed with all the different buttons and combinations. I thought I might need a degree just to make sense of the manual! But for such a multi functional appliance, this is to be expected. It does get easier to remember what each button is for after the first few times of using though as it has a specific symbol on the front for each function. Although, when using it as a combi, multiple functions may need to be pressed. There are also auto sensor programs for cooking things such as jacket potatoes, rice, fish, and pizza.

I have already been using the Panasonic Steam Combi for the last week or so and I’m thoroughly enjoying trying out its many features and functions. Look out for my first recipe shortly, using the sole convection oven function!

*This post forms part of my ambassador role for the Panasonic Kitchen.

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