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Many of my friends (and maybe some of my regular readers) will know how much I love The Highlands of Scotland. I’m sure I must have mentioned it a few times and I have hundreds of photos. Pre-children The Highlands was a great place to visit for a relaxing holiday but there’s no such thing as a relaxing holiday now, is there?… Though I’m sure we will visit again at some point when the children are a little older.

Nowadays with an active inquisitive toddler in tow, then we need to head for destinations with plenty to do & see. Another more vibrant place I have always wanted to visit in Scotland is Edinburgh. We have only really done one city break and that was London. We were nearby to Edinburgh a few years ago and were going to have a little day trip there but we never got the chance, though I think at least a weekend of it is needed really with so much to do; Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Zoo, The Royal Mile, Royal Botanic Garden, art galleries.. I could go on! We would probably stay in a Travelodge hotel which are great for families.
All of the above would be on our must-do list as everywhere we go I have to visit a castle – I love them, and the history behind them is a great educator for the boys. J loves animals and could spend all day going back & forth so the zoo is a must. I love floral (and nature) photography so again, the Botanic Garden is a must, plus I could still get a little bit of relaxation then. Oh, and I could probably burn off enough calories with walking to fit in some yummy food too! Though when we do manage to fit in a visit, I must remember my posh camera and plenty of batteries!
If this has whet your appetite and you fancy a night away then I am so happy to be able to offer you the chance to win an overnight stay at a Travelodge of your choice! Just complete the Rafflecopter below and cross everything – good luck!

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Open to UK residents 18 & over.
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The winner has 28 days to respond to the email or a new winner will be drawn.
I will pass your details over to the PR who will then contact you.
–              1 night at a Travelodge of your choice
–              Maximum of 4 people ( unless it’s a family of 4+)
–              Not redeemable between the 15th Dec – 5th January
–              Rooms are subject to availability

–              Must redeem the prize within 6 months of winning.

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I’m Stacey, in my mid-late 30’s, from a tiny village (officially a hamlet) in Lincolnshire.

I’m a mum to two handsome boys. They’re both diagnosed autistic but that only makes them different, not less. Barney, a Frenchie x Beagle, is my furbaby. Owner of a husband too!

Blogging about lifestyle and books with a bit of everything else thrown in!

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  1. Edinburgh with my husband and kids!


  2. by the seaside I think x

  3. London convent garden I'd love to show my girls the sights

  4. london would be fab

  5. London with my son and partner! 🙂

  6. London would love to take my daughter she has never been before.

  7. covent garden london

  8. Southwark In London, I would take my Husband for his Birthday to see the sights

  9. A one near Manchester Airport so we could extend our holiday by a day and help break up the journey!

  10. Somewhere n London for a trip with my hubbyxx

  11. Think I'd be tempted by Edinburgh too as we went there for a short break this summer and still have loads we want to see.

  12. I would visit a travel lodge in london and take my daughter to see the sights

  13. I'd like to stay at the Travelodge in Bath (Central)

  14. edinburgh with my son

  15. Cardiff Atlantic Wharf, I would take my partner as we haven't had a night alone in 5 years!

  16. Would love a night in Bristol, we are travelling down to Cornwall in March (excited as never been before) but its such a long way we would love a night in Bristol to explore and break the journey up, thanks for the chance xx merry Christmas

  17. London Tower Bridge with my mate, Pete.

  18. One of the London ones, with my lovely husband 🙂

  19. Somewhere in London with my other half 🙂

  20. Blackpool I think and I would take the hubby 🙂

  21. Durham, keep meaning to go, maybe with mr.

  22. London Tower Bridge with my husband

  23. edinburgh thankyou

  24. Liverpool with my friend

    Amanda A

  25. I'd probably take my other half to London

  26. I would stay in London with my husband. x

  27. covent Garden in London with my bestie

  28. Aberdeen Bucksburn

  29. Somewhere in London probably.

  30. Norwich with my fiance Chris

  31. Bath with my husband and 2 boys.

  32. Brighton and I would take my partner!

  33. Somewhere in London, with my best friend. Charlotte Reeve

  34. I would love to stay at Bath! With my Fiancée.

  35. one in London with my mum

  36. I'd take my husband and probably choose one in Edinburgh 🙂

  37. Take my wife to Liverpool

  38. The closest to Legoland to take my grandchildren

  39. Kings Cross I think

  40. Blackpool or London

  41. London. I would take my wife of course !

  42. would like to stay at Edinburgh and take my husband x

  43. coventry. overdue a visit to our friends there

  44. The one in Telford so I can visit a good friend x

  45. A Travelodge suitable for a family of 4 in or around Bournemouth so we can visit my Grandmother

  46. Anywhere in Ireland

  47. London.My son would love to see the sights

  48. Edinburgh and I'd take my favourite barmaid

  49. I would take my kids and stay near their cousins in darlington

  50. i would take the kids to darlington to play with their cousins

  51. I would love a night in Travel Lodge in Kendal, in the Lake District with my husband.

  52. The Lake District, with my husband, we have been saying we will go for years. This would be the perfect opportunity.

  53. somewhere near the sea with my partner

  54. "beside the seaside beside the sea" we do love the coast

  55. Somewhere near my family or friends so I can visit!

  56. Sheffield, so my husband could visit his brother

  57. East Anglia so I could visit my best fiend

  58. Brighton would be great


  60. I'd give it to my daughter and son in law so they could have a break whilst i look after my two grandsons

  61. Any in Scotland with my OH.

  62. Scotland would be good, would pick one near my Aunty so we could meet up for a coffee – would be the first time in a long time 🙂 x

  63. London for a night out

  64. I would stay at a Travelodge close to Bristol City Centre so that I could visit my Grandson who lives and works in Bristol. I would take my husband – his Grandad – with me.

  65. Birmingham and il take my boyfriend of 2 months as we still live with both our parents we need some time alone!

  66. Edinburgh and I would take my sister for a shopping trip 🙂

  67. One of the London ones as it is years since I've been there, and meet up with an old friend

  68. York with hubby so we can go to the races during the day and explore the city by night

  69. A night away anywhere would be lovely – maybe Oxford or Cambridge

  70. Forgot to say, I would take my husband

  71. I'd takr my husband to Norwich because our son, daughter in law and small grand daughter live there and we see them so rarely due to the distance xx It would be a real treat

  72. Cambridge with my hubby x

  73. London convent garden with my husband

  74. Tracey F
    Southampton as I've always loved to go there.

  75. Lake district and I would take my partner and daughter

  76. Belfast because I love it!

  77. One of the London ones. I'm dying to take my little boy for his first London visit

  78. The beautiful new forest

  79. Perth – on my own (but only because I need to go in March for a sporting event)

  80. Stratford City. I would take my wife coz she loves shopping with my credit card

  81. I'd take my family to Bath

  82. London with my wife

  83. Id love to go to Suffolk somewhere with my hubby and two youngsters

  84. Id stay in manchester central and go shopping with my mum

  85. Stratford upon Avon. would take my wife for a nice break away!

  86. Somewhere on route to Cumbria with my daughter who is trying to decide which university to choose for September.

  87. I would take my husband to London 🙂

  88. York, I'd take my husband and children

  89. Edinburgh, love the place!

  90. One in London, with my partner and the kids

  91. Cardiff, I would like to take the wife and kids to the Dr Who Experience

  92. I would go to York with my husband. It's a really beautiful place with so much to see and do!

  93. Edinburgh with my daughter!

  94. Chester Central with my partner

  95. I would like to stay in the Blackpool Travelodge & I would take my Nephew Zac whose 15 and has never stayed in a nice hotel. x

  96. one in london so i can see some sites

  97. I'd go to York as I've always wanted to visit, and I'd better take the other half!

  98. Manchester with my fiancé:)

  99. I'd like to go somewhere new so maybe York or Manchester or maybe the seaside. I would take my lovely hubby as we are overdue a date night x

  100. London with my OH

  101. Liverpool with the family.

  102. Thank you for the chance! Would love this!

  103. Hilary in Worcester

    Northampton to see family

  104. London with my daughters

  105. Cardiff with my bro. He deserves a good night out and a great place to sleep off the drinks 😉

  106. A seaside break with my family would be lovely

  107. london happy new year
    lisa ann tebbutt

  108. South Wales would be great, could visit family I havn't seen for ages

  109. London 🙂 we visit regularly and always end up staying in some really grotty privately owned hotel (the last one we had a room in the basement where we could hear and feel the tubes passing very 5 mins!)

  110. dartford kent. so i can go visit the inlaws xx

  111. I would take my wife to Cardiff so we can go shopping.

  112. Kings Cross with the children so we can visit London properly!

  113. Anywhere in Scotland as I want more knowledge about the land which I live!

  114. London… for day out with my friend 🙂

  115. Would have to be London, with the wife and kids, you not beat a trip to the capital!

  116. London convent garden

  117. Gatwick airport so I can stop over with a friend before my flight to Spain 🙂

  118. To Cardiff so I can see my old Uni friend Sandra.

  119. Oswestry with my husband so we can visit our friends

  120. London with my husband, so then we could then visit family and friends

  121. London with my partner 🙂

  122. London with my husband

  123. Edinburgh travel lodge

  124. London with my daughters

    1. would go with hubby for a kids free weekend 🙂

  125. Covent garden so I could show my twins London

  126. York central with hubby and 2 kids so we could explore the city.

  127. Travelodge Kendal, would love to visit the Lake District

  128. Edinburgh with my boyfriend – i love Scotland 🙂

  129. Edinburgh with me BFF 🙂

  130. Bath, as a treat for my mum

  131. I would stay at Porthmadog, as my cousin is getting married in the summer and I would take my husband and 2 girls with me!

  132. Brighton – would take my new husband for a mini break, see a show and go for a meal at our fav restaurant Fishy Fishy

  133. London with my husband.

  134. One of the London ones with my family to see the sights

  135. glasgow with my husband

  136. The town by the sea. Brighton is the place for me
    As for who I would bring with me. That ones easy its my mummy!

  137. York 🙂 I'd take a university friend with me as this is where we went to uni and will be good to visit again

  138. Southend so I can take the children to visit Grandad

  139. Bath – beautiful city with lots to see and do for the whole family. Plus great eating places.

  140. I would not mind which one as it would be a night away from the kids with my husband.

  141. i would treat my fiance to a trip to York

  142. I would take my hubby to liverpool

  143. LONDON….my husband

  144. London with my partner and step daughter

  145. London Central Covent Garden and I'd go with my sister for a girly shopping and siteseeing trip

  146. York would be nice my hubby loves his trains!!

  147. Ilford with my sister Tina Cleveland from Nicola Jones

  148. Dover with my son and partner

  149. I would choose Edinburgh so I could visit with my 2 georgeous grandkids who I don't see very often because they live in Scotland and Im in England. I would probably take Grandpa with me.

  150. I'd choose Taunton to break up the journey to Cornwall next year

  151. I'd take my sister to Chester for a much needed break

  152. take my daughter to london

  153. I would take my fiance and would go to one near the coast

  154. London

  155. London Hounslow – fab travellodge been there before and great for the airport

  156. Edinburgh. A night away with my husband would be great.

  157. Plymouth with my mum – girly weekend!!!

  158. London
    from catriona nation

  159. Aberdeen one, I would take hubby as we would go through to see daughter whos at Uni there and unfortunately she doesnt get home as often as we would like as she works too xx

  160. One near Gloucester as I would like to do a two day jewellery course and be able to stay overnight.

  161. Harrogate and would go with my kids

  162. Southampton as we would love to take our girls to Peppa Pig World xx 😉 Thanks

  163. York with my husband to have a romantic break in the lovely city

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