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Last year was the first year in which we used the Portable North Pole and though J wasn’t really too aware of Santa last year, he was absolutely mesmerised by it so I couldn’t wait to do it again this year now he is much more aware. And of course, it is N’s first year; though he’s not at all aware of Santa but it’s lovely for them to both have one and start the tradition with him.

The video is really easy to create and literally takes just a few minutes to input all the information to truly personalise it for each child. I created a premium video in which you can choose from 3 different story lines and includes 5 photo uploads and is 5 minutes long. With your child’s photo, age and location the child is shown their own file and you can even input friends or family names so they can see their book among those. You are able to choose whether your child is on the nice or naughty list, or whether they have a bit of extra time to make it all the way onto the nice list by Christmas Eve! There are many options to choose from for what your child has been asked to do this year – for J it was being nice to his brother, though with N being a baby there wasn’t really a suitable option so I chose this for him too. There are also many options to choose from for the photo categories, such as holidays, achievements, birthdays, awards, new family addition, favourite animals; so if you have more than one child you really can make them completely different.

J was really excited to see his – all of the way through he was saying “Santa Claus!” and he had so much concentration on it. For his age I still wasn’t expecting him to be so entranced but he really was captivated by it. N didn’t really know what was happening watching his and I think J enjoyed it more, but N is only 9 months; he was still concentrating on it though and had a couple of giggles!

You can create a basic video free of charge and a premium one is £2.99; you can also purchase bundles so you can also have a phone call, make a video for more than one child, etc. so no matter your budget, you can still create a magic part of Christmas.

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*Check out this infographic about Santa believers!*

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