How did my littlest man get to 7 months old? It only seems like yesterday that he was born. I think the fact that he’s progressing a bit quicker than J did makes the time fly by too – it’s certainly true that all babies are different, even if they’re related.

N was weighed the day before he turned 7 months and weighed 22 lb 6 oz, meaning he’s gained 2 lb in a month! (And he’s now on the 98th centile – he was born on the 50th). Slightly unsurprising as we have started weaning and he is a very hungry baby so he still has 4 x 7-8 oz bottles a day. The health visitor said we need to cut one of those out so I’m trying to find the best routine for us to do that. He definitely loves his milk like his brother though.

He’s such a happy, relaxed baby, much more than J ever was. He’s only ever grumpy when he’s tired or hungry, and other than these times, he’s always smiling. Nearly every day I get told what a smiley and happy baby he is, and of course I have to agree! His smile is infectious too – I think when he smiles he looks like Baby Sinclair from The Dinosaurs – do you remember that show?!

He’s still waking at some point during the night but I bring him in with us again now. I’ve really been making the most of the extra baby cuddles recently as I’ve realised that it won’t last for much longer and then that will be it. Alongside his brother also waking in the night, Daddy & I both seem to be a bit more tired than usual, recently!

He can now sit unaided very confidently. He still can’t pull himself up to sitting completely, though he’s getting there. He sits and plays with bashes his toys for ages, and now J is playing with him more too as they can play together. It’s strange seeing it as his brother never sat up as early as he did, so he doesn’t seem old enough. I think I just want him to remain in the young baby stage for as long as possible – I would say tiny, but he’s definitely not tiny anymore! On that subject, he’s now going into 9-12 month clothes – I didn’t think I would have to break them out this early but I can no longer fasten his 6-9 month vests, or if I do then they pop straight open! His trousers are tight around his waist but still fit in the leg so I think he’s definitely chunky around the middle.

We have the beginnings of crawling. He will get up onto his knees and rock for ages, but he won’t go anywhere. Then he gets frustrated. I’m expecting him to be crawling in the next few weeks though, then there’ll be no stopping him. I need to go crawling around again to check for things that need re-child proofing!

We still have no teeth! He has been teething for months now, the poor little soul. I just want them to start coming through so we can get it over and done with. Though if he’s anything like his brother he’ll still have some to come through in 2 years time!

He is absolutely loving his food. Anything I give him, he will eat – another area in which he’s the complete opposite of his brother. He’s now on 3 meals a day and I think his favourite is tea time! Quite proud to say he’s had no purees or bought in baby meals – it is so much easier to just give him what we’re having, especially without having to blend it up. He’s also started trying to feed himself with a spoon already – clever little man. I’m hoping because we have baby led weaned and just given him a bit of everything, that he isn’t going to be as fussy as his brother in a year or so!

The best shot I could get as he won’t keep it still – it looks like he’s doing a trick!

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  1. What a lovely update. Really like the idea of you crawling around to see what needs baby proofing 😉

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