27 weeks

Here it is, 27 weeks! The third trimester looms…

Again, not much to report from the last week… Though my GTT is on Thursday now instead of Saturday, so I should be able to update you on that experience on Friday! I have to go back for the results next week.

I do have a couple more funny/random dreams to share though! 

Number one: It was one of my best virtual friends birthdays (B), and me, another virtual friend, and two of my school friends went to Asda in Manchester (quite far away for all of us so very random!), and bought coats designed by One Direction (one of the teen boy bands over here in the UK). We bought one each, and because we bought five we automatically won a competition to be interviewed by the band on local radio (surely that should have been the other way around?!), but because it was B’s birthday she got asked all the questions… Told you it was random!

Number two: I can’t remember this one in full, but it was so funny I remember the important bits! I was staying with a friend who owned quite a few dogs (6 or 7 I think), quite a variety from a Yorkshire Terrier to a Great Dane. Anyway, the Yorkshire Terrier kept trying to, ahem, do rude things to my leg, so I kept shaking it off but it kept biting me! (Why do I keep having dreams where I keep getting bitten by dogs, must be the 3rd or 4th now since I’ve been pregnant!) I can’t remember what happened in between, but eventually the Terrier gave up, and so went and tried it on with the Great Dane instead! What a funny sight! 

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