Weaning faces and an Organix giveaway #realfoodface (CLOSED)

Weaning faces Organix giveaway

With my boys being two and four years old now, we are way past the weaning stage but I still remember those first weaning faces like they were yesterday! When we first started weaning Jacob, we started on purees but gradually moved to baby led weaning and we used many Organix products. I will admit, if I gave J a new food and he pulled a face and/or spat it out, I probably wouldn’t try him with it again and I think it turned him into a fussy eater!

A weaning survey carried out by Organix showed that over half of mums were put off encouraging their baby to try a new food after the first time because of faces they pulled. As a new mum I did feel quite discouraged when J wouldn’t try new foods introduced to him and it did become quite stressful as I thought he was never going to eat anything I gave him! The one food that was quite popular with J to begin with though was banana; I think possibly because it was soft, and he could mush it about in his hands which is always fun for a baby! Read more

Organix Little Book of Weaning

As you may know, we have recently started weaning N. Unlike with J, we have been much more relaxed about it this time and we haven’t hit any obstacles yet! In fact, I’m finding it much less stressful and much more fun this time around.

I think as a first time parent it is going to be one of those things that worries you from the off, from even starting to think about weaning. The when, how, what? We tried weaning J earlier than he was ready so I panicked that he wasn’t getting enough food, but really he just wasn’t showing all of the signs, and we did it just because we were ‘supposed to’. With N I just knew when he was ready so it has been easy this time, really.

When you start to think about weaning though, there is so much help out there for you. Organix have just released The Little Book Of Weaning which is free to download. This book has been written with the help of four mums just like me & you – who are also experts in their own fields, but they have been there with the anxiety and questions – so it really is a great help.

The Little Book of Weaning has various chapters on deciding when your baby is ready, how to approach it, discovering new foods, top tips, and a handy guide on what & when to introduce different foods. If you feel overwhelmed and are looking for somewhere to start, then this is it.

We decided to baby led wean from the beginning with N, but we have fed him a couple of foods from a spoon (though he tries to do it himself!). It was an easy decision for us to take this time but some parents struggle to choose between BLW and traditional weaning. Organix believe that there is no need to choose if you don’t wish to:

“Rather than feeling that you have to decide between traditional weaning or BLW, why not combine the two then you’ll get the best of both worlds? You can start off with puree, then when you feel ready pop some finger foods in front of your baby so they can squash, squeeze and taste the finger food.”

As this is the second time I’ve been through the weaning journey, here are my top five tips for you:

  • let baby take the lead. They will let you know when they’re ready, and you will know when they show you.
  • easier said than done, but try not to worry if it looks like they are choking. They are just practicing their gag reflex which happens to be further forward than ours.
  • give them a spoon to hold (or play with!) from the beginning – even if they don’t use it, it’s great practice!
  • don’t worry about how much they’re eating. It’s mainly just fun up until one year old whilst they are mainly having milk.
  • following on from above – don’t worry about mess! It’s fun for us parents too!

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Little man N at 7 months old

How did my littlest man get to 7 months old? It only seems like yesterday that he was born. I think the fact that he’s progressing a bit quicker than J did makes the time fly by too – it’s certainly true that all babies are different, even if they’re related.

N was weighed the day before he turned 7 months and weighed 22 lb 6 oz, meaning he’s gained 2 lb in a month! (And he’s now on the 98th centile – he was born on the 50th). Slightly unsurprising as we have started weaning and he is a very hungry baby so he still has 4 x 7-8 oz bottles a day. The health visitor said we need to cut one of those out so I’m trying to find the best routine for us to do that. He definitely loves his milk like his brother though.

He’s such a happy, relaxed baby, much more than J ever was. He’s only ever grumpy when he’s tired or hungry, and other than these times, he’s always smiling. Nearly every day I get told what a smiley and happy baby he is, and of course I have to agree! His smile is infectious too – I think when he smiles he looks like Baby Sinclair from The Dinosaurs – do you remember that show?!

He’s still waking at some point during the night but I bring him in with us again now. I’ve really been making the most of the extra baby cuddles recently as I’ve realised that it won’t last for much longer and then that will be it. Alongside his brother also waking in the night, Daddy & I both seem to be a bit more tired than usual, recently!

He can now sit unaided very confidently. He still can’t pull himself up to sitting completely, though he’s getting there. He sits and plays with bashes his toys for ages, and now J is playing with him more too as they can play together. It’s strange seeing it as his brother never sat up as early as he did, so he doesn’t seem old enough. I think I just want him to remain in the young baby stage for as long as possible – I would say tiny, but he’s definitely not tiny anymore! On that subject, he’s now going into 9-12 month clothes – I didn’t think I would have to break them out this early but I can no longer fasten his 6-9 month vests, or if I do then they pop straight open! His trousers are tight around his waist but still fit in the leg so I think he’s definitely chunky around the middle.

We have the beginnings of crawling. He will get up onto his knees and rock for ages, but he won’t go anywhere. Then he gets frustrated. I’m expecting him to be crawling in the next few weeks though, then there’ll be no stopping him. I need to go crawling around again to check for things that need re-child proofing!

We still have no teeth! He has been teething for months now, the poor little soul. I just want them to start coming through so we can get it over and done with. Though if he’s anything like his brother he’ll still have some to come through in 2 years time!

He is absolutely loving his food. Anything I give him, he will eat – another area in which he’s the complete opposite of his brother. He’s now on 3 meals a day and I think his favourite is tea time! Quite proud to say he’s had no purees or bought in baby meals – it is so much easier to just give him what we’re having, especially without having to blend it up. He’s also started trying to feed himself with a spoon already – clever little man. I’m hoping because we have baby led weaned and just given him a bit of everything, that he isn’t going to be as fussy as his brother in a year or so!

The best shot I could get as he won’t keep it still – it looks like he’s doing a trick!

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We are (baby led) weaning!

It’s come that time again, one of the most fun parts of being a baby – weaning! I mentioned in N’s 6 month update that we had started. I tried him with some food a month or so ago but he wasn’t really interested, so I left a while. When he actually started grabbing for our food, I knew he was completely ready.

I was adamant this time that I was going to be baby led weaning, as with J we went the traditional weaning route before letting him feed himself (maybe that’s why he’s a bit lot fussy nowadays, or maybe it’s just a toddler stage! Nonetheless, this is one of the reasons for BLW this time). N hasn’t had anything fed to him by us yet, other than a yogurt and ice cream on holiday as I didn’t want him getting it all over the boat! But other than that, everything he has had, he has fed to himself.

His grip wasn’t too good to start with, but even in the last week it has really come on and he is even managing to hold slippery pear really well. He’s still working on his pincer grip though. Anything he picks up will go straight to his mouth, no hesitating! He had a lot of gag reflex-ing at first but we seem to have mainly passed that now, and he does a proper chewing motion rather than just sucking.

He hasn’t really disliked anything we have given him so far, nothing gets spat out, but he doesn’t try everything that’s in front of him. Obviously I’m not too worried as he is still having plenty of milk and it’s all about exploration at this stage. With J I hated the mess and would put a bib on and a muslin around him, but with N I don’t bother with either sometimes and just let him get on with it – it’s all part of the fun of BLW after all!

So what has he tried so far?

  • porridge fingers
  • cream cheese on toast/toasted sandwich thins
  • mini shredded wheats soaked in a little milk
  • pear
  • rusk
  • mini bread sticks (he just sucks on this and doesn’t really get much from it!)
  • yoghurt
  • cheese triangles
  • broccoli
  • carrot
  • sweetcorn
  • mini carrot & potato waffles
  • cake (a tiny piece as he was trying to grab it from me!)
  • ice cream!
We’re both really enjoying his journey so far and I’m excited for all of the different flavours he has yet to try – and the messy photos of course!
When did you start weaning? Did you go the traditional route or BLW route? What is your baby’s favourite food?

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Little man N at 6 months old

On N’s monthly updates I usually tend to say that the time has gone quick – this month for some reason, it seems to have dragged (no idea why). But, I still can’t believe he’s 6 months old. He’s half. a. year. old! 

He was weighed at 24 weeks and he was 20 lb 6 oz. He is still shooting ahead of what J was at the same age. The health visitor sounded a little concerned about how much he was gaining and how much he was feeding – I’m not worried though; what am I supposed to do, not feed my baby when he’s hungry?! I know he’ll level out when he starts crawling, just like his brother did.

He’s still developing his cheeky personality and still loves blowing raspberries. Though he now makes a tune and sounds a bit like something from Gremlins! He has the most infectious laugh, especially when we blow raspberries on him or when he’s being tickled. He loves his brother doing ‘this little piggy’ with him and lets off such a high pitched giggly squeal!

I think he’s having a sleep regression. He’s started waking up half way through the night – usually between 1 am and 3 am. Sometimes he will go straight back to sleep with a cuddle if he comes in bed with us, but others he will need a bottle to settle him back down.

He’s finally found his feet – he loves sucking his toes (why do babies love to do that?!). He will also hold both of them and lift his bum up in the air up & down – getting some exercise in! J has also been putting his feet in N’s mouth to chew – lovely!

He has come so far with his rolling. He now rolls all over the place – when I go out of the room he will be in one place, when I come back he will be right at the other side of the room. Also, when he laying on his front he’s started trying to bring his knees up. I think crawling may be on the agenda soon!

He is finally mastering sitting up! He can sit unaided but is still a bit wobbly – cue lots of cushions around him. He now gets grumpy when he’s laying down as he wants to sit, but he can’t quite pull himself to sitting position yet so we still have some practice with that, with us holding his hands.

He still has no teeth. I thought he had one coming through a while ago but it must have just been a spot of milk or something (even though I couldn’t get rid of it at the time). His gums are so hard though and it hurts so much when he chomps on our fingers, so I’m hoping one will appear soon.

Weaning has started! I will be writing more about that in another blog post, but we are doing baby led weaning from the beginning with N so it’s all good messy fun – he hasn’t had anything mashed, pureed or from a spoon (yet – it may happen for convenience at some point when we are out and about).

He also had some other firsts when we were on holiday – his first taste of ice cream (I’ll accept the bad parent award [insert chuckle here]), his first time swimming, and his first time on a swing! I didn’t realise this month had been so busy for him!

He looks nervous on the swing at first but he loved it after that.

Not one facing the camera this time as he wouldn’t sit still and was too focused on the card – think I may have to hold it next time!

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