Messy drawing fun

A few months ago we received this set of fabric crayons and a bag in a giveaway.

I’ve been meaning to get it out for ages for little man to have a draw on, but only just got around to it today, after purchasing a tuff tray which I saw over on Ruby + Lottie and their messy play activities! 

He’s only 15 months, so not really into drawing much at the minute, but I thought we could build it up over a while. I set him down in the room and a smile lit up on his face when he saw something new to play on, bless him! I obviously had to show him what to do, as he’s never used crayons before, but at first he was more interested in knocking on the tray as it was a new sound:

And then he decided to draw on himself and his nappy!:

He finally got around to attempting to draw on the bag:

I had to show him what to do with them other than eating them… I might have also added a couple of bits to the bag:

And this is little man’s final masterpiece for today:

I don’t think it’s bad for a first timer! 

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