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So I realised I haven’t updated on the little man in ages! I admit I have been slacking with the blogging the last few months, though it was one of my resolutions to blog more, oops. Maybe I’ll make it again for next year and stick to it. As the last couple of weeks posts have been pretty sad, I thought I’d post something a little happier and lighter. In recent months he has learned so much. 

We started weaning him at about 5.5 months and soon enough he was feeding himself! He likes allsorts now, but his favourites are yoghurt and cheese, he LOVES cheese! Takes after his Mummy. Oh and he also loves making a mess with his Weetabix…

Just a couple of months ago he started sitting up by himself, after managing only a couple of seconds before toppling. It moved to about 10 seconds with cushions around him, and a month or so ago, he was sitting watching Fireman Sam on TV for about 10 mins, then he built up to last month being able to sit himself up! Around the same time he also learned he could roll onto his back, rather than just back to front, so he took to rolling around the room to get about! 

A few weeks ago he learned to pull himself, it started with him reaching for something on top of his toybox. Now he tries for Daddy’s Xbox, and last night it was the tub of chocolates on the table – takes after Daddy (and his Uncle – his words, not mine!) there…

And just last week he finally learned to crawl, after getting on his knees and humping for weeks and weeks! Though he doesn’t knee crawl, he commando crawls instead. His current favourite place to crawl to is the Xmas tree. He can’t quite get to it yet but I’m sure he’ll find a way very very soon…

I’ve noticed he has been a bit slower than his peers with his progress, but I just keep saying to myself, he will do it when he’s ready.

I’m a very proud Mummy. 

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