Date night (and a little rant)

Tomorrow is date night! A rarity with a baby, as I’m sure you all know! I can’t remember the last time we had a night to ourselves and went out, so I’m very much looking forward to it. My Mum is coming over to look after the little man whilst we go out, I’m sure he’ll have lots of fun too! 

We’re not doing anything major, just going for a bite to eat and to the cinema, though I’m not sure which way round yet as I’m not sure what we’re going to see so not certain on what time we will be going to the cinema! Indecisive me… I may even be nice and treat him to popcorn, though I begrudge paying cinema prices nowadays! (Not just me, is it?… We used to have a lovely little independent cinema in our town, the days when it was £2.50 a ticket and you even used to get the snack man coming round! And then Vue found their way here and that little cinema is no more, but nothing else stands in its place right now.)  So there’s Twilight, but I imagine on a Friday night that will be full of teenage girls eek-ing… Though hubby secretly (not so much now, oops!) wants to see it… Nobody tell him I told you! Nativity 2 looks quite funny too, but we haven’t watched the first one. Maybe that will be on our list of countdown to Christmas movies. think we will probably go and see Skyfall though, that way hubby thinks he’s getting the better deal with a ‘man’ film, but I get Daniel Craig too…

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