Tech Is Trickling Into Everything, Including Your Garden

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We like to think of our gardens as homages to times gone by and a way to remember that life wasn’t always so complicated. But technology is fast moving out of computer devices and into practically everything, changing how we live in profound ways.

The latest frontier for technology is in the garden, a place traditionally dominated by old rusty tools and not-so-smart lawnmowers. Read more

How Schools can use Digital Marketing to Improve Their ‘Brand’


Unlike the majority of industries, the education sector has taken longer to catch onto the huge benefits of digital marketing. Whilst schools are not businesses as such, they rely on the right levels of student intakes and a good local reputation to perform well. To be a successful school takes more than good exam results, it needs to be able to attract the next cohorts of students to ensure it stays open.

Here are some ways that schools can embrace the benefits of digital marketing: Read more

Protecting yourself from data transfer hacks

Protecting yourself from data transfer hacks

If you have visited my blog recently, you may have unexpectedly stumbled upon a disturbing blog post; it wasn’t my doing, Stacey in the Sticks had been hacked! I wasn’t alone in this; many fellow bloggers suffered the same fate, with very similar posts. I won’t lie, it was very scary and panic inducing. I thought I had lost a whole post that had taken me a while to prepare and write; but any post written would have had the same effect.

To know that somebody had immersed themselves into my world, potentially stolen my data, and imposed their beliefs on my blog and my readers; it was horrible. By imposing their beliefs, this is what I mean (apologies for the unsavoury language, but I wanted a clear picture of exactly what happened):

Hacked blog post
Credit to Zara at for the screenshot

Not nice, right? When you have taken years of hard work to build up your brand, and then this happens. I cannot stress enough how much it stressed me out. Luckily enough, this was a simple fix to get my original post back. There are obviously many other ways and means that hackers work, and this is just in the minority; though it’s the first time I’ve ever been a victim of hacking. It did get me wondering though, am I protecting myself enough?

There are many ways in which you protect yourself from data transfer hacks and Data Label have put together this handy guide with some steps you can take to make sure your data is kept secure. Admittedly I don’t do all of these already, but I did immediately change all of my passwords again; something which I do regularly anyway. I make sure I back up my blog every month too using BackupGuard, and continually save drafts as I am writing; luckily I was able to retrieve my blog post this way! If you think you may have been hacked, you can also use a tool such as Kaspersky to run a virus & malware check.

Taking these steps may not completely stop data transfer hacks, but they will go a way to helping you retrieve your data if you are ever unlucky enough for it to happen.

Have you ever been a victim of hacking in any way?

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A childhood of technology

A childhood of technology

Thinking back on my childhood, it differs so much to how my children’s is panning out. Not in a bad way; it’s far from it that I had a bad childhood, it’s more so in the way the world and its inclusion of technology is evolving. When I was as old as my children are now – we’re talking 25 years ago (I know it’s not that long ago, but it feels like it!) – there wasn’t the technology available in the abundance that there is nowadays. With more and more parents working longer hours to be able to provide their children with the childhood they never had (54%, in a survey conducted by MyVoucherCodes), there are more and more children using technology in order to entertain themselves.

I’m in a similar mindset as Working Mother; technology can be a good thing if utilised correctly. I believe that technology should be limited and most learning and exploration should be done without the use of technology; be it out in the natural environment, through arts & crafts, or through good old fashioned books (though I read a lot myself on an electronic device!). I will hold my hands up and say I have been the bad technology mother at times, in times of desperation when I have used it as a virtual babysitter; but technology can be useful in learning also. Read more