Tech Is Trickling Into Everything, Including Your Garden

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We like to think of our gardens as homages to times gone by and a way to remember that life wasn’t always so complicated. But technology is fast moving out of computer devices and into practically everything, changing how we live in profound ways.

The latest frontier for technology is in the garden, a place traditionally dominated by old rusty tools and not-so-smart lawnmowers.

That technology is moving into the garden makes a lot of sense. For years, people have struggled to manage their gardens effectively and have wanted for solutions that would make things like watering and growing easier. But it’s only recently that technologies with these capabilities have become available for homeowners.

So what technologies are out there? And how can they help you?

Hydroponic LEDs

One of the most exciting developments, according to, are hydroponic LED grow lights. Although many people in Lincolnshire typically have a lot of room both in and around their properties for a garden, people living in the South East and London often don’t. Finding space to grow plants can, therefore, be a challenge.

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LED lights, however, are making it possible for people to bring their gardens inside. LED lights use only a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting systems, and there’s no risk of fire. What’s more, manufacturers can tune LED lights to emit the wavelengths that plants photosynthesise, further saving energy. These solutions take up less space and give people a level of flexibility they never imagined – the ability to create stunning gardens inside.

Plant Sensors

Many gardeners plant a new bulb in the soil and then just hope for the best. However, years of experience (as well as a fair bit of trial and error) has taught horticulturists a lot about the conditions in which plants thrive. Unless you’re a specialist, however, you don’t know when you should water or feed your plants, meaning that they could die.

Plant sensors are changing the game. A plant sensor is a device which you stick in the ground near your plants which tells you when you need to water them, provide them with shade, or add extra nutrients to the soil. The sensor connects to a Bluetooth connected device, providing you with alerts when it thinks you need to take action.

“Garden Recipes”

If you’re new to gardening, it can sometimes be challenging to know which plants to pair with which. Designing a beautiful garden is, in many ways, as difficult as baking a cake. Not only do you have to have the right ingredients, but also an understanding of how to combine them all in an effective way.

The good news is that you no longer have to figure this sort of thing out yourself: you can use apps like My Garden Containers, to tell you what goes with what according to

Apps like this also tell you everything you need to know about planning and arranging flower beds, and how much water and fertiliser you need.

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