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dinosaur party

Last month it was the boys’ 2nd and 4th birthdays and so I held a joint dinosaur party for them. As soon as I decided on the theme I was straight to Pinterest for ideas and I found some brilliant ones – I could have done so much more but I just didn’t have the time! Nonetheless, I was pretty pleased with how it all came together, especially after pretty much pushing blogging aside for the week prior, to concentrate on party preparation.

This is how it all came together… Read more

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This is the year that I find myself organising the fourth birthday party in a row, only this time it will be a joint one for the boys. It will be Jacob’s 4th, and Noah’s 2nd. As we are now living in a house with plenty of outdoor space, I wanted to make this birthday special for the boys and have a party with a bouncy castle! (Though I’m not sure whether that’s for the adults or children)… Read more

Little man J turns 3 – two day birthday bash!

A week ago today J turned three years old – I’ve finally started to come to terms with the fact that he’s no longer a baby and is growing into a proper little boy. We decided that rather than have a larger party at home like he has the past couple of years, that we would just have a mini pizza party at home on his actual birthday – the Thursday – then have a soft play/pub party with some friends on the Friday. So the lucky little man effectively had a two day birthday bash!

We had a fairly relaxed day for his birthday #1 and just had presents and play time, with a walk in his new minion onesie thrown in – he insisted he go out in it! He loved all of his presents, which N also helped him to open even though he wasn’t interested in opening his own on his birthday! We didn’t get him many toys as the boys have more than enough between them, it was mainly clothes as he was in need.

He’s obsessed with minions at the minute so we had a minion theme for his party at home and we reviewed these supplies which he loved. I just did some pizzas, potato wedges, garlic dough balls and chicken strips – a yummy feast!


We finished off with some cupcakes as he had a minion cake for his bigger party. He had a sparkler which he loved but I managed to find a spare ‘2’ candle from last year for him to blow out…

On the Friday we had arranged to meet some friends & family at a local pub with soft play area at 5pm for play time and we had a table booked for a meal at 6pm. The kids loved the soft play and N spent a whole hour just sat in the baby ball pool (which he looked buried in!). We then went for our meal – not everyone who was invited came so even though we booked a bigger table, there was enough of us there anyway. After our meal I handed out the party bags and then we had the best part – cake! The minion cake was another creation by my mum and J absolutely loved it – it’s all he had been asking for his birthday for months!




Minion partyware from Party Bags & Supplies | Review

We decided this year that for Jacob’s third birthday we were just going to have a little pizza party at home on his actual birthday, then the day after (Friday) we would go a local pub for a meal and soft play with family & friends. I still wanted to make his birthday ‘party’ at home fun so when I had the chance to review this Despicable Me Minions party tableware pack I thought it would be perfect as J is a bit obsessed with minions at the minute!

This pack is for 8 so you get a plastic table cover, paper cups, paper plates, and a pack of paper napkins. They all coordinate with the same background and border but they all have different minion pictures on which I think is great and a true representation of minions! (There are also coordinating decorations which can be purchased). 
The quality of all of the items was high, with the table cover being thick plastic and fairly large, the napkins being thick quality and the plates and cups being thick card.

minion table cover


minion napkins


minion plates


minion cups

J was so excited at having a minion theme that he was sat at the table before the food was even ready, and as you can see, even he matched perfectly!

minion partyware


minion party tableware

We also received 8 pre-filled Minion party bags to match the tableware. Inside each party bag was a strip of minion stickers, a pack of Haribo, a sticky window crawler (which are great fun!) and a tub of minion bubbles (which also came in a brown paper bag in case of leaking, which was thoughtful); so these coordinated with the tableware as well if you having a bigger party at home. As it was just family (adults) at his pizza party I saved the party bags for the next day and they went down very well – especially the sweets! For the cost of these (£1.75) I think it’s very reasonable rather than going to the trouble of preparing your own (been there, done that).

minion party bags


minion party bags

Overall, the partyware went down extremely well and is great value, and Jacob was over the moon with his minion party!

Age: 3+
RRP: party pack – £9.98
          pre-filled party bags – £1.75 each

Our rating – 5/5

We were sent these products free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

First birthday celebrations – little man N turns 1!

On Sunday my littlest guy finally turned one year old. The past year has gone so quick, much quicker than it did with J. All of Saturday I was reminiscing about my day of on/off labour; there may have been a few tears as my labour and home birth was pretty much perfect and I would do it all again in a

heart beat (if I wanted to, that is!).
For J’s first birthday we had a ‘proper’ party at home with friends & family, party games and even a visit from Iggle Piggle! I think I went all out because we had waited so long for that moment and I just really wanted to celebrate it. I realised though that he really had no idea what was going on, so for N’s birthday I just decided on a small family afternoon tea party.
On the morning of his birthday we were all awake before he was so just all snuggled in our bed waiting for him to wake up – any other day he would have been up much earlier! Eventually I got a bit impatient and just decided to wake him up – not that he knew it was any different to a normal day anyway! We took him in the living room to open his presents, but he just had a quick look then took more interest in the balloons! We coaxed him into opening a few of his presents (well, I say he opened a few, but it was mostly J!) but he’s a bit like his brother and has a short attention span so we left him to play while I got on with a few jobs and he opened the rest of them at the end of his party.

My Mum makes all of the boys’ cakes and this time was no different. I usually have a theme in mind but this time I had no idea (we didn’t even decide on a party theme until a couple of days before!) so I just gave her free reign, and she came up with this awesome gravity cake!

Once family had arrived and settled, N (with J’s help of course) opened a few more presents and then we got down to one of the most important parts – eating! I forgot to take a photo of the food before it all disappeared though… I just did a few nibbles like sausage rolls & crisps, and then I did some Slimming World friendly food as well like pulled pork sandwiched, potato wedges, salad and a fruit salad so I could still tuck in to plenty!

After food, we sang happy birthday to the birthday boy and he blew (I mean J blew) his candle out, and then we tucked into the best part of a birthday – cake! (That is the best part, right?…)