First birthday celebrations – little man N turns 1!

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On Sunday my littlest guy finally turned one year old. The past year has gone so quick, much quicker than it did with J. All of Saturday I was reminiscing about my day of on/off labour; there may have been a few tears as my labour and home birth was pretty much perfect and I would do it all again in a

heart beat (if I wanted to, that is!).
For J’s first birthday we had a ‘proper’ party at home with friends & family, party games and even a visit from Iggle Piggle! I think I went all out because we had waited so long for that moment and I just really wanted to celebrate it. I realised though that he really had no idea what was going on, so for N’s birthday I just decided on a small family afternoon tea party.
On the morning of his birthday we were all awake before he was so just all snuggled in our bed waiting for him to wake up – any other day he would have been up much earlier! Eventually I got a bit impatient and just decided to wake him up – not that he knew it was any different to a normal day anyway! We took him in the living room to open his presents, but he just had a quick look then took more interest in the balloons! We coaxed him into opening a few of his presents (well, I say he opened a few, but it was mostly J!) but he’s a bit like his brother and has a short attention span so we left him to play while I got on with a few jobs and he opened the rest of them at the end of his party.

My Mum makes all of the boys’ cakes and this time was no different. I usually have a theme in mind but this time I had no idea (we didn’t even decide on a party theme until a couple of days before!) so I just gave her free reign, and she came up with this awesome gravity cake!

Once family had arrived and settled, N (with J’s help of course) opened a few more presents and then we got down to one of the most important parts – eating! I forgot to take a photo of the food before it all disappeared though… I just did a few nibbles like sausage rolls & crisps, and then I did some Slimming World friendly food as well like pulled pork sandwiched, potato wedges, salad and a fruit salad so I could still tuck in to plenty!

After food, we sang happy birthday to the birthday boy and he blew (I mean J blew) his candle out, and then we tucked into the best part of a birthday – cake! (That is the best part, right?…)



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  1. It looks like he had a wonderful birthday ! what a brilliant cake

  2. Wow that cakes amazing your mums really talented!

  3. Wow what an incredible cake! Just amazing. Looks like a fab birthday x

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