This is the year that I find myself organising the fourth birthday party in a row, only this time it will be a joint one for the boys. It will be Jacob’s 4th, and Noah’s 2nd. As we are now living in a house with plenty of outdoor space, I wanted to make this birthday special for the boys and have a party with a bouncy castle! (Though I’m not sure whether that’s for the adults or children)…

In previous years I have made up my own party bag for each child – with the exception of last year when we reviewed some from Party Bags & Supplies which had some great bits in it. I do try not to put a lot of tat in there as seems to be the norm nowadays and a lot of parents most likely throw it away when they get home, or when it breaks after the 2nd time of using!

This year I want to do something different than the standard pre-made party bag, which I will share with you in a party round up post later next month when the party has been and gone. For now though, here are some fantastic alternatives to the traditional party bag:

I love the idea of giving out teddy bears like Niki from Play & Learn Every Day – a lovely gift for boys & girls of all ages!

teddy bear

A kit box themed to the party is also a great idea – this way nothing gets thrown away as the box can be used again, as well as the contents. This Octonauts supplies kit is a great example!

octonauts medic kit

Giving party-goers something crafty to take away like Emma from Bubbablue and Me suggests is also a great idea. It gives the children something to do, keep, and talk about long after the party has finished!

Expanding on the crafts, I adore the idea of getting the children to do party theme related crafts at the party at pre- set up craft stations like Jo did with Gruffalo crafts. Again, something for them to take home and display on an art wall or to tuck safely in their memory box! I also like the fact it gives the children a constant thing to do rather than running around like maniacs – a bit like mine.

Gruffalo crafts

And last but not least – giving the party guests something iconic from the party theme is such a wonderful idea, like the floating roses Luschka from Diary Of a First Child made. An absolutely stunning party favour and keepsake!

floating rose

Have you given or received a great alternative to a traditional party bag?


I'm Stacey, in my (very) early 30's, from a small village in North Lincolnshire. I'm a stay at home mum to two boys and a mental dog. You'll find me blogging mainly about food & lifestyle with a bit of random thrown in.

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  1. I love the teddy idea and the craft box. We once got a book at a party and z was so thrilled. I hate getting any gooey in party bags so am always trying to hide it (usually unsuccessfully!)

    1. Yes, books are a brilliant idea too!

  2. Thanks for featuring my roses! We loved them and some of our friends still have them two years on. That same year we had a messy play party and I filled the goodie bags with gifts, and topped them off with shredded paper. The parents still hate me for that one! One told me when she sold her car they still found shredded paper in it 😀

    I love the teddy bears too – we are doing pink bunnies for the under 3’s at this year’s Easter Pary!

  3. Hurrah! We put together bags for my Eldest’s birthday and we put in pens, bracelets, popping candy and all sorts of fun stuff! Took a while to put it all together. We just filled a bag with all the things she loves to share with the people she loves. I love the roses, how gorgeous!

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