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One major issue that seems to plague every family home is a lack of space. When you have kids, a tonne of stuff accumulates in your home, from toys, books, and games, through to bulkier items such as prams, pushchairs, and trikes. The problem is that kids seem to grow out of these things pretty quickly, which means you have a constant stream of items entering your home. 

If you feel like your house is being swallowed up by the sheer amount of belongings it holds, it can make family life pretty stressful. The dreaded clutter can start to build, and you may find that what was once usable space is now a dumping ground for abandoned toys. Clutter not only makes your living space congested, but it can also impact your wellbeing and leave you feeling overwhelmed. A cluttered home really can cause a cluttered mind, so taking action to ensure that your home does not become cluttered is essential. These tips will help you free up space in your family home and to help you reclaim your rooms:

Add an Extension

Moving house is an expensive activity, and buying a new larger home may be out of the question. One alternative option to selling up and moving on is to extend the space at your existing home. While building work can be disruptive, it can be less unsettling for the kids than upping sticks and moving somewhere entirely new. 

If you have a loft space and your roof’s pitch allows it, you could consider converting this into living space and creating an extra bedroom or two in your home. Alternatively, you could opt to add a ground floor extension or conservatory to make an extra downstairs living space. Whichever option you choose will help you to create at least one extra room.

Hire a Storage Space

Everyone has items that they want to keep but are unsure where to store them. Things that you only use seasonally, such as Christmas trees and decorations and summer items such as garden furniture, can be particularly bulky and difficult to store. To create some added space at your home, you may find it easier to hire storage space at a facility such as tiger storage. This will enable you to keep hold of the items that you need, but without the hassle of needing to keep them at your property.

Choose Space Saving Furniture

To maximise the existing space in your home, it helps to choose furniture that takes up less space and has multiple uses. Multi-tasking furniture items are an excellent choice for kids rooms. Choosing furniture such as beds with storage space underneath and even high beds with desks or bookcases underneath will minimise the amount of floor space that is taken up while maximising opportunities to store items. In your living area, you may find it helpful to add dressers or sideboards that allow you to display some items and to keep clutter tucked away out of view.

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