How You Can Increase Your Property Value With A Little Investment

If you’re thinking of moving house, your mind will often wander to the next place you’ll be living. What do you want the kitchen to be like? Do you need more, or less bedrooms? How much space will the garden have?
All of these things are exciting to look at, but before you can think about putting your house on the market and starting packing, you’ll need to make your property desirable for buyers.

It doesn’t take a lot to draw people in- the fresh scent of coffee or baked bread, open windows and a quick clean can be enough, but how do you make sure you can add value to your house so you can get more house next time?

Here are some tips on how spending a little on your house can help increase the value. 

Depersonalise Your Space

No matter how much you want to move house, letting go of the old to make way for the new doesn’t get any easier. It’s natural to want to hold on to cherished memories for a lifetime for as long as possible – but potential buyers are not out to buy the framed pictures of your friends and family, or your kids art projects. 

A big declutter will help you to create a blank canvas ready for potential buyers to make their own mark, as well as making it easier for you to pack, sell, or store your belongings before the next move. 

Getting hold of a storage space will help you to keep things that hold a sentimental value securely. Even if it means having to live without that chair you inherited from your grandma for a few months– buyers want the room, not the chair. 

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning may not be the most appealing prospect ever, but the positive psychological effects of having a clean home will improve the prospects of selling. 

Buyers want to see a place that is clean and free from clutter so that they are able to imagine living there themselves. 

Trace any hidden smells in the home using your nose. Maybe some long forgotten food has made its way under the fridge or kitchen cabinets, or that veg in your fridge has seen better days. Have your windows been kept shut for too long, or how long, exactly, has it been since you had your windows open for any length of time? Not everybody likes the smell of our furry friends, so using an air diffuser can eliminate some of the odors left by pets. 

This doesn’t mean that you should go overboard on plug in scents, or candles, either. Lots of people have a sensitivity to these perfumes so they can be off putting to buyers. 

Focus on Curb Appeal

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People start judging your home as soon as they pull up outside the door. That means that your aim is to make them so intrigued by the property that they cannot help but want to look inside. 

The front of the house can be an even more critical selling point to a home than the property itself. It’s what encourages somebody to turn the door handle and walk inside. Make it seem move-in ready by focusing on the front garden, doors, cladding, etc, not something made to seem like an afterthought. 

Make sure that a buyer is able to clearly see the door number so they know which property they are walking through. Ensure all the paths point to your door, and not at number 1029 when you’re at 1038-  don’t leave them guessing.

Get in The Kitchen

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A kitchen has the most value tied to it per square footage, so it’s obvious to focus on this when preparing your home for sale. 

Your budget may not allow for a complete kitchen refit, which is fine – there are some simple ways to add value without having to do that. Even something as simple as painting cupboard doors or changing the handles can make it look more finished. 

Get Out in The Garden

The garden is an area you want to invest time and a little bit of money into. If any wooden garden features such as decking and flower beds need attention or replacing. You can look here for inspiration and ideas as to how you can invest a little money to really bring up the asking price of your entire property.  

More importantly, declutter your garden if it feels like a jungle out there. Potential buyers don’t want to be faced with another project, and that could influence the offer price they put forward. 

A garden is a huge selling point, and you don’t want buyers to be put off by the prospect of another project! 

Create a DIY Checklist

Of course, there will be those DIY projects that have been on the ‘to-do’ list for years. A blown light bulb here, a scuffed wall there – it can soon become a little overwhelming to deal with.

However, a buyer may well naturally begin to mentally decrease their potential offer depending on what they see needs doing around the house. Check on the smaller, and bigger things that need doing. 

If you have a cracked window pane, enlist the services of Renewal by Andersen windows to get that sorted right out. Clear your gutters and get the windows cleaned. Check all of the lights and electrics work throughout the house. 

If you’ve disassociated yourself with your home, it can be even easier to put these things off, but now is the most important time to focus on these little tasks so you don’t have to think about them later on. 

Even spending those extra few hundred dollars can increase the property value by thousands, which is thousands toward your new home.

When selling your home, you need to show it off to its full potential so that buyers cannot refuse to make an offer having walked through. Use some of these simple tips and tricks to get your property sold for the biggest possible amount of money! 

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