Garden Glam Up: How To Make Your Garden Visitor Worthy

2020 has seen gardens getting more attention than normal. For starters, with many people furloughed from work or locked down due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,  they have had more time to spend on doing up their gardens. We also had some very un-British like good weather at Easter, meaning we could all get outside with our spades and shovels and enjoy getting our hands dirty. As we moved through the summer and the gradual lifting of restrictions, we were able to see friends and family in our gardens – socially distancing, of course!

As we move through to winter and the festive season, we might not be planning on sitting out in the garden any time soon, and we are all hoping that by the time the warmer weather comes around, having to sit outside to see our loved ones will be a thing of the past. However, we can still put plans into place to make our garden the super social place it has been in 2020. Here, we look at how to make your garden visitor worthy.

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Funk up your furniture

When it comes to thinking about fixing up your garden, outdoor furniture can be one of the most costly items to think about. Instead of splashing on brand-new ones, try upcycling and getting imaginative with your current ones. A lick of bright coloured paint, or investing in inexpensive alternatives such as large floor pillows and beanbags and hammocks, is a perfect way to funk up your space and give you a spot to relax and chill out.

Look at your lights

It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter; the fairy lights will still look cosy and inviting. They instill a sense of ambiance and make you feel like you’re sitting under the twinkling stars. Better still they’re cheap and easy to put up, and they can turn a bland garden into a stunning utopia. Hang them from the branches of the trees to your patio, to the walls and fences, and invest in some freestanding ones to light up the paths without being too intense. You can also get creative and put fairy lights in glass jars or entangled lights to make your shrubs and plants shine – it makes everything feel a little mystical!

Sort out your space

Upgrading your garden can be as easy as removing any unwanted furniture or objects that take up space to create a tidy and inviting area that you can be proud of. Subdividing your garden into areas with hedges, trees, or screens will project an illusion of a bigger space and make it fun for visitors to explore! You can have a private dining patio to enjoy with your family and friends, a fruit or vegetable garden, plants and flower beds from Poplar Nurseries or an idyllic place to sit in the middle of nature.

What about water?

Water features are a fantastic focal point and an easy way to add character and appeal, and depending on your location, attract a variety of interesting wildlife that can benefit your local ecosystem. From ponds to water fountains, creative possibilities are infinite! The sound of trickling water is known to be one of the most relaxing sounds, so installing a water feature can make your garden a place you can’t get enough of.

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