Au Naturel Appeal: The Key Areas Of The Home To Fix Before Selling

Au Naturel Appeal - The Key Areas Of The Home To Fix Before SellingPexels – CC0 Licence

We may have spent a long time fixing up our perfect home but life throws in a curveball. When we have to sell our beautiful home it may be difficult to part with it but you’ve got to remember that you’re moving on for a proper reason, and to something better. But before we go, from an interior design perspective and as well as a safety one, we’ve got to make sure that the home is up to code. So what should we do to make sure that our home is ready to sell? Is it about replacing everything or is it something much simpler?

Think About Kerb Appeal

Buyers will make a decision before they step into your property so you’ve got to make sure that the exterior looks good. If the front yard isn’t looking particularly green, add some astroturf or reseed the lawn. You should also think about the brickwork and the roof. It’s important to get roof repairs done as soon as possible, especially if you’ve had a spate of bad weather. Kerb appeal is a very simple thing to get right because all it requires is a lick of paint and patching up those few little components.

Simple Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is the hub of the home and this means that you need to make it appealing but as most people know, kitchen renovations can be very expensive. One of the most important things to get rid of if you can is the smell of the place. Kitchens can tend to be breeding grounds for smells that don’t want to leave, no matter how hard you try. When possible, give the kitchen a facelift by cleaning the tiles and replacing handles on the cupboards.

Focus On The Lighting

The home needs to speak for itself but we’ve got to remember that if we can draw the potential buyer’s eye towards a charming aesthetic the best way to do this is through lighting. If you’ve got a very small home adding enough lighting to make the space look wider and brighter can play with perception. There are so many affordable lighting options for the interior and exterior of the property. It’s also important to look at the lighting fixtures. While you may have gone for classical or retro features because that’s more your style, when someone is looking to buy a property they need to imprint their own personality onto the space. Trying to avoid dated fixtures where you can.

Focus On The Small Things

If someone has a look around your house and they’re not able to open a door the first time around, this can leave quite an impression, and not a good one! You have got to make sure that the home is functional. You don’t have to make everything brand new to make a good impression but you have to think about the home inspection aspect. This is where potential sales can fall apart more so than at any point.

Even if it’s time to move on, you don’t need to spend a lot of money fixing up the property. You stayed in this home for a reason so think about making the property exude its natural appeal.

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