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Scented candles are probably one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve your space. With the right scented candles, your space can smell good and improve the mood of everyone who spends time indoors. But are you aware that there are actually more hacks to revamp your space using scented candles? Let this article help you out.

Revamping your space doesn’t always require an expensive renovation project. Once you know how to make the most out of your scented candles, you can achieve the same goal faster. Here are some tips to help you out:

Creatively Transform Any Space Using The Right Kind Of Scent

It’s common for homeowners to use different furniture and décor pieces to transform their homes. Because they have a specific theme in mind, homeowners would invest in different items just to make their homes feel and look good. But do you know that using the right kind of scented candles can give you the same results?

If you live in an open-plan home, using the right scented candles can draw back the walls and can create different moods depending on where you are in the house. Consider trying out the following ideas:

  • For example, if your kitchen is airy, you can use a scented candle that has a herby scent to create an impression that you’re actually cooking something scrumptious.
  • If you want to relax on the other side of your house, like in your living area, for example, using scented candles in pomegranate can be an excellent choice. This scent will relax your mind, making you feel as if you’re in another place.
  • For your workstation, use scented candles that give off a citrusy scent so you’ll have a clear and focused mind. This scent will smell fresh, allowing you to increase your productivity.

Study The Psychology Of Colours And Use That To Your Advantage

Colours can significantly affect a person’s mood as different hues can trigger different emotions among humans. When choosing scented candles for your home, don’t solely think about how it smells like – consider what colour the candle is.

Take note of the following tips to help you determine which colours should go where:

  • If you’re planning to revamp the space in your bedroom, look for scented candles in greys and blues as these colours are relaxing and calming.
  • Scented candles in yellow are suitable for playrooms as this colour can be very energizing.
  • Red is known to be a colour that increases energy levels so invest in red scented candles and place these in your living area or dining rooms. This colour can get your blood pumping, perfect for spaces where you want to socialize.
  • For spaces where you want to unwind, relax, and read a good book, look for scented candles in green. This colour is easy on the eyes as it sits in the middle of the spectrum, making it easy for you to relieve yourself from stress.

Blue and white candles

Try Layering Up Different Scented Candles

Layering different colours in the house is typical, but do you know that you can do the same with scented candles? Start by using scented candles that will serve as your base layer. Any scented candle with a fruity scent can be a great base layer. Add another set of scented candles that come in a pomegranate scent and then finish the combination with scented candles that smell like incense. This combination can get smokier in the evening, perfect when you’re cosying up with your friends and families in the fireplace.

Use Scented Candles As A Centerpiece In Your Living Room

Scented candles are a staple in almost all living rooms. No matter what your home’s theme and architecture are, you’ll surely find several scented candles that fit the bill. For you to revamp your living room, simply use scented candles as your centerpiece. Simply place scented candles at the centre of your coffee table and throw in different ornaments or decors that suit the ambience of your living room. For a unique centrepiece, decorate your scented candles with stones, rocks, and artificial flowers to create a miniature garden in your living room.

Scented candles are also good alternatives if you don’t have a fireplace in your living room. Similar to the first idea, invest in scented candles and decorate it with different pieces that can represent a fireplace. You’ll be surprised how these scented candles can provide you with a relaxing scent any time of the day!

Safety First

Don’t be afraid to experiment with scented candles. Mix and match different scents and place them in different areas of your house to see which works. Just make sure that you’re handling these candles with care!

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  1. With these tips to revamp home, you can feel just got a lot better! Now I can make your house a cosy haven for the next four months and bid goodbye to the dull and dreary aura of the season. These home care tips are quick, easy, and won’t make you deviate from your budget! Thanks so much.

  2. It’s interesting to know that we can also layer scented candles as a way to change the ambiance of the room using the same way we use for different colors. My sister really likes to use scented candles for her baths and I think that this might be the perfect gift for her incoming birthday. It might also be a good idea to include a few crystal candles in my present and see if she likes them.

  3. Great ideas! Thank you very much!

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