Nowadays when you flick through home decor magazines, you are greeted with simple, plain and neutral designs that look extremely neat and modern. Although these designs are very attractive, they aren’t always the best thing for your home. In reality, having so much white and grey can be very difficult to maintain especially if you’ve got small children. Luckily, there are so many chic and old fashioned home trends that are re-emerging right now. Whether you’re trying to change up your bathroom design or find a new look for your living room, consider some of the following ideas to inject a little old school into your home. 

  1.  Bidets in the Bathroom

You may never in a million years imagined that bidets would make a comeback. They have always been one of those elements of bathroom design that were left in the past. It is true now that bidets are common in many parts of the world, so why shouldn’t you include one in your bathroom? Although they fell off the radar in the 1990’s there are a number of advantages to consider when redecorating your bathroom. Many believe that they are more hygienic as they remove debris more effectively than toilet paper alone. They are also much more eco-friendly in that they reduce the need for paper. Bidets could save millions of forests if more people opted to install them in their bathroom. So consider how a bidet might fit into your new bathroom design ideas and don’t rule it out until you’ve tried it!

  1. Quirky Furniture

The art deco trend which consists mostly of clean, geometric shapes and symmetry is back in the game. A lot of up and coming furniture has zig zag lines and simple shapes to pay tribute to the Art Deco era!

  1. Wonderful Wood

Timeless wooden floorings and furniture have always been in and will never go away. However, there has been a huge boost in the amount of wicker, bamboo and rattan furniture and accessories in stores and magazines right now. These simple, yet gorgeous materials have reappeared probably due to the hippy-esque vibes that are so popular right now. Instead of using straightforward wood, alternative styles such as rattan are so popular when it comes to garden furniture at the moment. You are even seeing these re-emerging trends in beds, bar stools and indoor tables.

  1. Chic Shades

When you think about all of the popular colour schemes in the past year, all you can imagine is white, cream, grey and light pastels. The clean, no-fuss style that most people long for is now slowly dissolving into the background. A pop of colour is no longer to be avoided; in fact bright shades such as orange and green are the most popular of all. These earthy tones are definitely being favoured over bright whites and neutrals these days.

  1. Cool Chrome

Accents of chrome are definitely making a huge comeback right now. Although rose gold and brass has been at the centre of home decor trends in recent years there seems to be a blast from the past with regards to chrome. Instead of gold tones the trends are now shifting back to silver or chrome, which gives of a real 50’s vibe. This old school trend also gives a nod to art deco as steel and chrome were the metals that dominated during this time.

  1. Going Retro

You may have noticed a trend over the past few years regarding kitchen appliances. Most modern kitchens contain stainless steel items which are considered to be super chic. Now retro is coming back into play and it couldn’t be more exciting. Brightly coloured fridges, accessories and utensils are definitely spotlighted as a re-emerging trend right now. If you’re interested in adding an exciting and fun new trend to your kitchen, you should definitely consider something on the retro side. Not only will they look great, but they will also add historic value to that element of your home!

Cycling trends are so common in the fashion industry and the home decor world is no different either. The truth is, the expiry date on certain trends such as 70’s decor and retro accessories is long lasting. Luckily, some of these amazing styles aren’t going anywhere for a long time, which is good news for those who have a unique sense of style. Remember, no style is truly new or innovative; every emerging trend is a remodel of something amazing that has already been and gone.

6 Old Fashioned Home Trends That Are Re-emergingImage from Pexels – CC0 Licence

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