Melbourne Cruise Ship Terminal: All You Need To Know

If you are soon to be boarding a cruise liner in Australia, there’s a good chance it will be at the Station Pier, which is Melbourne’s premium cruise terminal that is equipped to receive many luxury cruise liners, as well as other ships. Located in the Port Melbourne suburb, about 4km from Melbourne city centre, Station Pier is laden with parks, shops and attractions, and if you are planning to board a cruise ship, you are advised to either use a taxi or the very efficient public transport systems.

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Busy Premier Cruise Liner Port

Station Pier was founded way back in 1854, when it was called the Railway Pier and saw the arrival of many gold prospectors, looking to make their fortune. Station Pier was also the scene for families to say goodbye to the troops who went to fight in the Boer War and WWI, and then in 1945, at the end of WWII, returning Australian troops landed here.

To browse some of the best cruises from Melbourne, search online for a leading cruise operator who can provide all the details, plus the best prices. If you are planning to go in the peak season, book early to ensure your holiday as slots for this time are easily sold out.

As A Port Of Call

Melbourne Cruise Ship Terminal All You Need To KnowImage Source: Unsplash

If Melbourne happens to be a port of call on your cruise, you are only minutes from Melbourne city centre, where you can stroll around the Royal Botanical Gardens, which really should be experienced while visiting Melbourne. If you wish to spend time relaxing at Station Pier, there are many facilities, as you would expect from a premier cruise liner terminal, with fine restaurants, shopping malls and places where you can sit and relax. You can easily find information online about the Melbourne Cruise Ship Terminal, which might help you to get acquainted.

Terminal Amenities

Station Pier has many comfortable lounges, where people can wait for boarding, and with lifts everywhere, getting around is easy. There are gift shops and between October and April, there are volunteers who help cruise passengers, which is great if it is your first cruise, plus they are very knowledgeable about how to get around in Melbourne.

Short Term Car Parks

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People do not leave their cars at the port when they set off on a cruise, yet there are many short-term car parks for those who are dropping off or collecting passengers, and there is a shuttle bus that runs to and from Melbourne Airport, should you be flying in to board your ship. There are also taxi ranks within the terminal, should you require one.

Melbourne is fortunate to have a premier cruise ship terminal, and Station Pier has long been embedded into the history of this beautiful part of Australia. If you are stopping off or departing from Station Pier, you will enjoy your time in this modern complex that has many facilities.

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