Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar

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If there is one thing on my New Year “must purchase” list, it’s a family planner calendar. Because we’re a family of four I find it visually easier to have one column for each family member rather than trying to squeeze everything in the same square with different names!

There are the boys’ school activities, all of the appointments I attend surrounding Jacob especially, and because The Husband sometimes doesn’t have the same day off each week, it’s easier to keep track. So, I was super happy when the Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar dropped on my doormat. (Well, it didn’t actually because it’s too big for the letterbox, but that sounded better. And I don’t have a doormat).

Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar

Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar inside

What’s included and what does it do?

The Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar had six columns which is more than enough for our family of four – my brother-in-law has claimed his own column too! Each box is big enough to write multiple events & appointments in. Some funky time-saving stickers are included (with a pocket at the back of the calendar to store them in), featuring important events like back to school, optician, birthday, and car service.

Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar stickers

Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar mini calendar close up

Each page has two mini monthly calendars in the corner for at-a-glance dates: the current and next month. Pretty much everything has been thought of, such as the transparent overlay to write recurring events on –  like swimming and gymnastics classes, for instance. There is a pen included to do this with. Each page tears off after use if you wish, and there is also a tear off to-do list and shopping list.

Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar transparent overlay

Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar tear off lists

What did I think?

The calendar is striking even upon opening. It has a gorgeous multicolour raindrop effect cover, and the quality is evident on touch, from the thick paper for each page to the strong binding and hanging hook, unlike other standard calendars.

I usually have a month to view calendar, but I think I actually prefer this week to view one. Firstly, the box for each day is bigger, and secondly, it generally takes up less space on the wall. I do really like the idea of the transparent overlay, but I don’t think I will use it, mainly because it has to be removed from the calendar each week to be able to put it on the next page, and there isn’t a lot I have to write on it anyway.

Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar on wall

I think I will really enjoy using this calendar this year, and keep it in mind when it comes to purchasing next years too.

Where to buy

The Boxclever Press Family Planner Calendar is available to buy from Boxclever Press or Amazon.

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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  1. That is a really pretty calendar. It looks like a great way to organise you and your families life x

    1. It’s proving very useful so far! x

  2. I like the micro preview month up top, and the shopping list… its a great design 🙂

  3. This looks fun and something I think we all needed for this and the next year 🙂

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