Toys For 9 Year Olds Who Show Passion In Cooking

Gift giving is a meaningful gesture practiced by people for decades. Gifts are used to show appreciation and express emotions, which can be very difficult to put into words. Whether you want to thank someone for their friendship or let someone know how you’re going to miss him when he moves into a new location, there’s always a perfect gift that can symbolize all of these emotions.

However, when you’re about to give toys to nine-year-olds, do you know what to buy? With the wide variety of options to choose from, do you know what to look for? Pleasing kids with gifts might seem like an easy task (they’ll basically love anything that’s given to them), but when the recipient shows passion in cooking, do you know what gift to give? Let this article help you out.

The ninth year of life is a delicate time for children. This is the stage where kids face several emotional and physical challenges because they’re nearing adolescence. During this time, they already know what they want. Unlike toddlers, nine-year-old kids will voice out their opinions on the gift you gave them. To ensure that your gifts will please them, especially if they already show passion in cooking, make use of the following tips:

Kids cooking


For the chef wannabes, look for cookbooks that are specially made for kids. If they already have cooking playsets, they can use the cookbook as their guide, or they can also choose to cook the real thing (with adult supervision, of course). Cookbooks can inspire these kids to follow their passion, even when they’re still young.

Kid-friendly knife set

One of the most basic kitchen tools every nine-year-old kid wants to have is a knife. With this, they’ll be able to do a lot of things when cooking – they can slice, mince, cut, and chop all of their ingredients with ease. If you’re planning to give these kids cooking knives, scout for ones that are specially designed for their age bracket. Several companies are producing knives that have finger rings to protect the kids’ fingers from getting cut. Pay attention to the size of the knife as well.

Baking sets

If you’re giving a gift to a nine-year-old who also loves to bake on the side, consider giving him a baking set. Usually, a baking set will have all the essentials every kid baker will need – from the rolling pin and loaf pan to baking cups and recipe cards. There are a lot of baking sets to choose from, but it’s important that you buy one that is dishwasher safe. The easier the baking sets are cleaned, the better; remember, sanitation is a must in baking and cooking.

Kids cooking

Mini waffle maker

Waffles can be eaten at any time of the day and are very easy to make. If the kid already knows how to read and follow instructions, opt to buy a mini waffle maker. This cooking tool is safe for kids, allowing them to make waffles within minutes. Giving a mini waffle maker to a nine-year-old kid will not only delight his passion for cooking, but he’ll also become the envy of his friends! He can make waffles for snacks when his friends come over to hang around. This kitchen tool is considered as one of the cool boys’ toys today!

Play kitchen

A play kitchen is probably one of the staples in every future cook’s playroom. This toy will give a nine-year-old kid the experience of managing his own kitchen, complete with all the utensils and appliances he can ever need. Some play kitchens only have the basic setup – a sink, pans, plates and cups, and spoons and forks – while others have very intricate details, such as a fridge and oven. The fancier, the better.

Farmers’ market playtime set

Every cook needs to know how to purchase his ingredients from local markets and mingle with different buyers. Let them practice by giving farmers’ market playtime kits as gifts. This toy usually comes with a tote bag complete with plush fruits and vegetables and some fake cash. When nine-year-old kids play with this toy set, they’ll know how to buy fresh ingredients and haggle with buyers.

Important considerations

When it comes to gifting toys to children, adults usually make the mistake of just picking any item from the rack. However, if you really want to make kids happy, pour in time and effort on the gifts you’re giving them. Don’t merely pick a gift just because it’s cheap or the store is near your home; instead, pick a gift because you believe that such toy will help the kid, one way or another.

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