July Degustabox | Subscription Box Review

July17 Degustabox review

I’ve been receiving the Degustabox for over a year now and every month I look forward to the surprise on delivery day. The July Degustabox was themed as the summer box, and pretty much every product inside did fit the brief! There were a couple of products I really wasn’t keen on this month, but no complaints about the rest.

  • Enjoy 10 to 15 surprise products, many are completely new to the market!
  • Receive your Degustabox every month filled with goodies.
  • All for much less than you would pay in the shops!

So what was inside the July Degustabox?

July17 Degustabox contents

Blossom Hill Spritz (Elderflower & Lemon)

Blossom Hill Spritz is like a cross between wine and refreshing fruit juice, and well, it is really refreshing! It went down well, and though we haven’t had much of a summer so far, it’s perfect for a warm summer’s evening. I’m not always keen on elderflower flavoured drinks but with the addition of lemon, the flavours complemented each other well.

Crafted fruit juice (Mango & Passionfruit)

I’d never heard of this brand of fruit juice, but I was really looking forward to trying this particular flavour. Tropical fruit always tickles my tastebuds! The boys usually drink most of the carton of fruit juice when we get it, but they weren’t so keen on this. I thought it was really tasty & refreshing though, the two flavours went well together.

Ryvita Thins (Three Cheese)

We’ve had a different flavour of Ryvita Thins in a previous Degustabox; I have bought them since as I really liked them, and they aren’t too bad syn wise either. I’m a cheese lover, so I did have an “Ooh” moment when I saw this flavour. I must say, they weren’t as cheesy as I was expecting, but tasty nonetheless. I’ve found them good for dipping in my soup!

Ryvita thins Three cheese

Rowntree’s Randoms 30% Less Sugar

As the name suggests, these Randoms contain 30% less sugar than previously. I always like to see that, as the boys do get sweets as a treat, and obviously the less sugar the better. I barely got a look in with these, but of course I did have to try them for the purposes of review… They were definitely as fruity as I remember, and just as random!

OLOVES Healthy Olive Snacks

I’m not really keen on olives but I do like to try everything that comes in the Degustabox. I thought I would like these more as they were flavoured with chilli, garlic, and oregano. Rather than eating them on their own, I added them to some pasta and they did give a good kick. I’m not sure if I could eat them completely on their own though – the olive taste just doesn’t do it for me!

Merchant Gourmet Simply Cooked Red & White Quinoa

We’ve started to eat quinoa a bit more over the last few months, and this particular one we tried as an addition to a Simply Cook meal kit. The pack suggests you can eat it hot or cold, and we ate it warmed. The fact it has a nutty taste gives an extra dimension of flavour to whatever dish it is served with. Quinoa itself looks like it may have a weird texture, but it doesn’t really feel so.

Merchant Gourmet red & white quinoa

Frylight Cooking Spray with Avocado Oil

Being a Slimming World member I use Frylight a lot, and I think I actually have pretty much every flavour variant in my cupboard! I didn’t know there was an avocado version though so I was eager to try this one. I used it to fry onion and chicken for a curry, and it definitely had an avocado smell, and a hint of taste too, as they usually do.

Weetabix Additions (Coconut & Raisin)

I’ve actually bought these previously so I knew what to expect from them. I eat fruit for my breakfast a lot, and usually add a sprinkle of something crunchy to it. Or if I have plain Weetabix, I add fruit. So having these Weetabix that contain fruit already is a welcome change. They are really packed with raisin and coconut too, though not overly sweet. Me being me, I add a handful of raspberries too!

Weetabix Additions Coconut & raisin

The Collective Kids Big Tub Yoghurt (Banana ‘n’ Vanilla)

We’ve been able to try the regular version of The Collective yoghurt previously, so I knew the boys would enjoy this. It’s made with whole milk and has no bits or pips from the fruit, so the kids have really been thought about! There were a few different flavours on the shelf at the supermarket, but I went for the banana ‘n’ vanilla flavour. I had to have a cheeky taste, and it’s wonderfully creamy with a good banana taste.

The Collective Kids Big Tub Yoghurt

Maille Dijon Original

I’m not really keen on mustard unless it has a sweeter taste to it, so I don’t really buy dijon. When I do buy mustard, it’s usually only to add to recipes. I didn’t want to taste this on its own so I had it with a bacon sandwich. I have to admit, I didn’t really like it and it did spoil my sandwich a bit! It was quite strong and bitter for me, but as I said, I’m not really a mustard lover.

Thor Dry Apple Spritz (Mint, Ginger)

With this Degustabox being the summer edition, I thought these made a lovely addition. Even the bottle itself looked like the drink inside was going to be quite refreshing. Best served chilled, they certainly were. I did prefer the mint one and thought it complemented the apple better, but the ginger version wasn’t too overpowering like I usually find ginger drinks.

You can get a whopping £7 off your box by using the code KO8PW!

RRP – £12.99

My rating – 4.5/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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