Living the country life | Feeding, watching, and discovering birds

As we used to live in a flat with only a small courtyard, we didn’t really get any wildlife but the boys used to love helping to feed the birds when they visited Nanna. When we moved, we promised Jacob that we would buy him a bird feeding station and then feeding the birds could be a regular job for him. Of course, we followed up on our promise and we bought a multi bird feeder which was ready for him one day when he came home from nursery.

Our usual supply of food for the birds consists of seeds, high energy nuts, fat balls, and meal worms – which actually smell awful but the birds seem to like them! I really don’t like touching them so that one is totally down to the boys. When it’s bird feeding time we all take a different food and then it’s time to fill up!

We tend to only half fill the nuts and seeds so they are always fresh but now it’s winter the birds are filling up, so we completely fill up too and almost everything is gone the next day! We have a routine of seeds, nuts (both of which the boys put a handful each and then I top up), fat balls (we all put in one each), and meal worms – two handfuls each from the boys!

I’m pretty sure the birds know when their food is coming as we can hear them chirping (the regulars obviously letting their bird friends know) and as soon as we go inside they always flock to the feeder! Our most common birds are sparrows, we get the occasional magpie too who seem to really like fat balls and meal worms. They will stand there for ages just eating and guarding the food; it’s really fascinating to watch actually.

Do you have a bird feeding station in your garden?

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