Living the country life | Feeding, watching, and discovering birds

As we used to live in a flat with only a small courtyard, we didn’t really get any wildlife but the boys used to love helping to feed the birds when they visited Nanna. When we moved, we promised Jacob that we would buy him a bird feeding station and then feeding the birds could be a regular job for him. Of course, we followed up on our promise and we bought a multi bird feeder which was ready for him one day when he came home from nursery.

Our usual supply of food for the birds consists of seeds, high energy nuts, fat balls, and meal worms – which actually smell awful but the birds seem to like them! I really don’t like touching them so that one is totally down to the boys. When it’s bird feeding time we all take a different food and then it’s time to fill up!

We tend to only half fill the nuts and seeds so they are always fresh but now it’s winter the birds are filling up, so we completely fill up too and almost everything is gone the next day! We have a routine of seeds, nuts (both of which the boys put a handful each and then I top up), fat balls (we all put in one each), and meal worms – two handfuls each from the boys!

I’m pretty sure the birds know when their food is coming as we can hear them chirping (the regulars obviously letting their bird friends know) and as soon as we go inside they always flock to the feeder! Our most common birds are sparrows, we get the occasional magpie too who seem to really like fat balls and meal worms. They will stand there for ages just eating and guarding the food; it’s really fascinating to watch actually.

Do you have a bird feeding station in your garden?

A day out at Rand Farm Park

I may have mentioned before but on a Tuesday we go to a play group involving soft play and sensory activities. The group is funded by the local community centre and at the end of the block of sessions, if there are enough funds available, then we get to go on a trip. At the end of last year’s sessions at Christmas we had a country park and Father Christmas visit; this time we were lucky enough to get a trip to Rand Farm Park. I’ve wanted to take the boys for ages but we’ve just never got around to it so I was really excited.

When we arrived I was quite surprised as I didn’t realise how big the whole place was, definitely a lot bigger than any other farm park we have visited. With the farm itself, activities within the farm, eating areas, an indoor soft play area, and the addition of a huge adventure playground which spans four acres in itself, you can imagine how big the farm park is.
As we only had a few hours as some parents had to be back for school pick up, the first thing we did when we arrived was visit the animals. Our lovely play group leader (Sharon) bought us all some animal feed so we fed some of them. We visited some cows first and I must admit I’ve always been too scared to feed larger animals as I’m scared they’re going to bite me or something (wimp!) but I thought that if I actually did it then J wouldn’t be so scared to. He wasn’t keen on feeding them and I don’t blame him either as my hand was covered in snot afterwards, yuck! It was pretty cool feeding a cow by hand though! Hubby had a go too. N wasn’t so keen on the size of them as he had a bit of a cry, bless him.
We then headed to see the rabbits – which J was rather taken by – and some chickens, and then J stroked a guinea pig.
After this was the barn area where there were so many cute baby animals! There were piglets, lambs, kids, and we managed to see some calves who had just been born that day; they were still stumbling about and still had their umbilical cords attached – that was pretty awesome to see!





We saw tortoises, chinchillas, parrots, and visited the hatchery too. N was much more relaxed in here and found the chickens rather amusing!





Before we had our own lunch we stopped back to see the babies being fed. There were other school trips there who fed the lambs so J didn’t get chance, but he was able to help feed the older calves instead. I’ve fed them elsewhere and they really do gobble those bottles down!
We decided to catch the train ride into the fields before lunch too as we wouldn’t have had time for the next one.
We finally had some lunch – which I never actually captured a photo of as I was too hungry – then we found the brilliant bouncing pillows in the adventure playground. It was actually the first time I’d been on one as the other two times we have visited places with them, hubby & J have been on and I’ve stayed with N as he was too small. So it was N’s first time too, and he absolutely loved it – we all did!


The boys fell asleep on the way home as they were exhausted from the fun!


We had so much fun and will definitely be visiting again as a family. The staff are so friendly and helpful with any questions about the animals, and there is so much to explore – the only extra cost is the purchase of food (we didn’t purchase any food so I can’t comment on that). It is more than worth the £9.95 entry fee, with family and season tickets available.
Our rating – 5/5
We visited as part of a paid for group and I wasn’t asked to write this review, I just wanted to share our experience! All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Feeding Grandad’s fish #CountryKids

On Thursday hubby had a day off work so we spent the day at my father-in-law’s – I thought we would only be going for a few hours but after he offered to buy us tea, we stayed all day! (Well you can never refuse a meal where you don’t have to cook, can you?…).

Grandad lives out in the country and has lots of outdoor space so J loves to go outside and exploring. Hubby and his brother were fixing his car and I’d gone to take them a cuppa when J appeared. He ‘helped’ them for a little while and then he took me off to explore the grounds. We found his football and had a little kick about! Then he decided that he needed his coat because the next door neighbour’s cat stole it… (The things that go through a toddler’s mind!).

After our little bit of exploration Grandad asked J if he wanted to feed the fish – it’s one of his favourite jobs at Grandad’s so he said yes. The fish were very hungry and J fed them one by one!

Does your little one have a favourite job to do outside? 

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