10 years wed | A letter to my husband

10 years wed

Dear “The Husband”,

That’s what I usually refer to you as on here, but today I’m going to use your actual name, Paul; the one I said during our vows 10 years ago.

Looking back to 13 and a half years ago when we met and began dating, we were both young; not sure if we were going to be long term. But then six weeks later, you asked me to marry you – and I obviously said yes! Marriage would have to wait though, as I was heading off to University in nine months time. For many, that could have been a make or break, but not for us. We still saw each other at weekends, which kept our love alive. I don’t believe I missed out, as I just partied through the week!

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Fast forward a year or so and we set a date for our wedding; no more than a couple of months after I would be finishing Uni! Who thought it would be a good idea to plan a wedding and do a degree at the same time? Me! But I we managed it – somehow! And it’s up there as one of the greatest days of my life.

Wedding day

Fast forward another 10 years and here we are today. We’ve had our amazing ups, and also we’ve battled some truly devastating downs. But that’s the thing, we battled through; we fought for each other, as husband & wife should do. We probably have more battles to fight further down the line – especially the one we’re having for our first born at the moment. We’ve loved each other, we’ve disliked each other at times; but that’s the stubbornness and fight in us both!

10 years

I love you; happy anniversary. And here’s to the next ten years.

Stacey x

6 thoughts on “10 years wed | A letter to my husband

  1. Stacey, this is really lovely. I agree with you, it’s the downs and having to work as a team to get through things really does make you a much stronger couple. Also, how did you plan a wedding AND finish Uni! Amazing!!
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  2. Awww this is adorable. It’s 9 years this year for us so my big one is next year. 13 years together.
    Marriage is hard, you have to work at it everyday . You have to pick and choose your battles carefully. Congrats on the 10 years x

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