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Making up a Christmas Eve bag was a tradition which we started last year. Many people have boxes but I bought some lovely small sacks from Bump n Babe with the boys names on, which are great to double up as Santa sacks too. J wasn’t too fussed last year and stopped as soon he found the edible things, but I’m hoping he’ll be more interested this year! Obviously N won’t have a clue though, but I’m sure J will help him. Buddy will be bringing them this year, for his final gift before he heads back to the North Pole.

So what’s inside them? With N being younger and only still a baby, he doesn’t have as much as J; also J had our Santa key in his last year but it won’t be this year as it’s for both of them (and me).

In J’s bag:

  • a winter print onesie (he is obsessed with onesies so I’m sure he’ll love this)
  • some BEAR fruit yo-yo’s (he always asks for these when we walk past some!)
  • Arthur Christmas DVD (I he loved watching this last year)
  • a bottle of ‘special juice’ (so-called because it’s a treat!)
  • reindeer food (for Rudolph and his pals of course).
And inside N’s bag:
  • a penguin print onesie (it’s so cute!)
  • Olive the Other Reindeer DVD (I love this, I hope he will too)
  • raisins & sultanas (he always steals his brother’s)
  • reindeer food (for Rudolph and his pals of course).
Buddy will also be leaving them a letter with the bags to say goodbye and how much fun he’s had. I can’t wait until Christmas Eve!
Do you do Christmas Eve bags/boxes? What do you put in them?

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