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I can’t believe N is 8 months old (though I’m a little bit late with this update – blogging hasn’t been at the forefront for me recently). Two-thirds of a year! After Christmas I’ll have to start thinking about his 1st birthday! Time must slow down for a few months now.

I haven’t been to baby clinic for a while for various reasons so I’m not sure how much he weighs (I could have weighed him on our scales but I’ve not gotten around to it yet). I’m guessing it’s somewhere around the 25 lb mark though, going by his previous weigh ins. I mentioned last time that he was still on quite big bottles, but he’s started to cut those down by himself now. He now has 3-4 x 6 oz bottles, sometimes 5 if he wakes in the night – though he doesn’t usually completely finish a bottle so he has a little less than that. He eats 3 meals a day too plus snacks – I’m not really worried about him as he is such a hungry baby but he is moving about a lot now so I know he will level out like his brother did.

He is turning into such a cheeky little chap (still complete with his constant smiles), if not a male diva sometimes! He doesn’t like lying still to have his nappy changed and will lie there screaming the place down until he can move, then when he does he immediately starts laughing & smiling so I know he was putting it on! I forgot how annoying this stage was where they don’t want to be still for nappy changes!

He is still waking in the night sometimes – I would say 50% of the time. Sometimes he will go back to sleep with a cuddle but other times he’ll need a bottle – but even then at times he lies there laughing and shrieking, cue trying to keep him quiet so he doesn’t wake up J!

He is now very confident at sitting, and he’s finally figured out how to sit up himself! He can’t do it straight from his back but if he is laid on his back then he will roll himself around to his side and sit up that way. When he’s laid on his front he will swing his legs around and get up that way. It’s so cute to watch.

On his last update I said that he was on the verge of crawling – he was at the rocking stage. A week or so after that he was off! It was just a couple of crawls forward at first but he soon got up to speed and he crawls over the place now, there’s no stopping him.

He’s taking more interest now in playing with his brother. I think J has been waiting a while for him to do so, but now he is he doesn’t want him to! Though I think that’s mainly because N always wants J’s toys rather than his own, and he still hasn’t gotten used to sharing yet… Though J steals N’s toys too!

8 months old and still no teeth. I think he’s going to have some quite soon though. He has always got something in his mouth – whether it’s his finger, a toy, a teddy, a sock… He will find something! Though he has no teeth, his gums are mega hard so he eats practically anything now as he’s got a good chew on him! He really loves his food – he sounds like he’s having a panic attack if he doesn’t get it straight away! We haven’t really found anything he doesn’t like yet either, which is always a good thing.

Family Friday

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  1. Well done N on the crawling and sitting 🙂 – I haven't been to the health visitor in a long time, sometimes I think they add added pressure to a parent (especially if we are happy with how they are progressing)

  2. I'm not sure if all of mine had their teeth at 8 months old to be honest… Loving the new look of the blog! Thanks for joining in again. #FamilyFriday

  3. wow thats gone so very quickly! bless him and you lovely
    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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