Feeding Grandad’s fish #CountryKids

On Thursday hubby had a day off work so we spent the day at my father-in-law’s – I thought we would only be going for a few hours but after he offered to buy us tea, we stayed all day! (Well you can never refuse a meal where you don’t have to cook, can you?…).

Grandad lives out in the country and has lots of outdoor space so J loves to go outside and exploring. Hubby and his brother were fixing his car and I’d gone to take them a cuppa when J appeared. He ‘helped’ them for a little while and then he took me off to explore the grounds. We found his football and had a little kick about! Then he decided that he needed his coat because the next door neighbour’s cat stole it… (The things that go through a toddler’s mind!).

After our little bit of exploration Grandad asked J if he wanted to feed the fish – it’s one of his favourite jobs at Grandad’s so he said yes. The fish were very hungry and J fed them one by one!

Does your little one have a favourite job to do outside? 

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One thought on “Feeding Grandad’s fish #CountryKids

  1. What a fab job for J to get out and enjoy doing, it's cute that he fed each fish one by one. It sounds like J really enjoyed his time visiting Grandad and exploring all of the garden to it's fullest, even if the cat did steal his coat. Thanks for linking up with me over on Country Kids.

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