Project 365, 2015 (days 123-129)

Day 123 / May 3rd
Nanna brought J a new (to him) tool bench today and he absolutely loves it – in fact both boys do!

Day 124 / May 4th
Pretty much a day from hell today and I didn’t take a photo.

Day 125 / May 5th
We had a busy day today with Fit Tots, baby clinic then the park so I took loads of photos, but I had to share this one just for the look on J’s face! He has never been keen on the swings and he came straight off after this, whereas N loves them.

Day 126 / May 6th
N has started climbing and his favourite place is the arm of the sofa – I never managed to catch him climbing but I got him coming down. Look at that cheeky laugh!

Day 127 / May 7th
Two photos today as I made these cupcakes and cake for a friend’s boyfriend’s 30th birthday party.

Day 128 / May 8th
The only photo I took today. This sweet chilli salmon from Tesco is delicious and syn free.

Day 129 / May 9th
Both boys love climbing in boxes but they found they can’t both fit in together!
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