A rainbow Naming Day

Last week was little man N’s Naming Day. One of the meanings of his name is ‘rainbow’ and he is our rainbow baby, so that was the obvious theme! I had been planning for ages and made a few things myself. I love getting creative when it comes to parties as I think it’s so much more appreciated, and I feel like I myself have gotten so much more out of it.

I was getting myself in a flap in the couple of weeks before as I kept getting people saying they could no longer come, then half of the other guests didn’t even turn up on the day anyway so we had a half empty room; it did feel a bit more intimate though and J kept everyone amused by running around with his trousers half way down his bum and running the toy cars over everything!

Hubby & I were up until midnight the evening before completing final tasks, and then we were up at 7 am the morning of the Naming Day. The boys had stayed at my Mum’s the evening before so we could actually get just about everything done without disturbances – always a good thing, and it meant I was a bit calmer!

The ceremony wasn’t until 2 pm so we had all morning and the early afternoon to get sorted. Hubby went and collected the boys in the morning, so we took some stuff to the reception venue before that and then we took the food up when they got home. J was an absolute nightmare when he got home – he was just demanding, crying, stropping, and it took me 15 minutes to get him into his outfit as “I don’t like it!” was used repeatedly! – so I was getting worked up as I was then dreading the ceremony as he is so hard to control. Luckily due to a friends children and books and toys, he wasn’t too bad.

We chose some music to have playing whilst everyone was arriving – a mix of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and What A Wonderful World – but as I had put it onto a CD whilst half asleep, stupid me left it in the laptop disc drawer and didn’t realise until we got there and opened the case! They had What A Wonderful World in their own collection though so we just had that playing. We were waiting for 15 or so minutes after the start time as N’s Oddparents were running late due to weather but of course the registrar didn’t start without them. The ceremony went smoothly and we were given copies of the readings we chose so I’m going to frame them and put them on their bedroom wall (I’m going to do the same with the ones from J’s).

We arrived at the reception venue and never mind everyone else, I was starving, so I told hubby to go and be the first one to get food so everyone would follow! I was worried there was going to be too much as I usually go overboard but there was just enough. My Mum made his cake and it was a-ma-zing. I made some rainbow cupcakes too. As it was a few days after bonfire night I we made some toffee & chocolate apples and bagged some bonfire toffee up into sweet cones, and I hired a candy cart to display them on – it looked amazing and matched perfectly with our theme, Leanne got it just right. I also hired some ball pools and soft play for the small people. As soon as they got through the door they were diving straight in the ball pool, it went down a treat – Sharon also does an amazing job (I’ll leave links at the end of the post).

The children played, the adults rested, N was passed around (of course) and then we had the mass tidy up. We left the venue around 6 pm and both boys fell asleep in the car on the way home – J stayed asleep through me getting his pyjamas on and N went back to sleep after his pyjamas and bottle so hubby & I had a relaxing evening doing nothing!

All in all we had a great day and now that’s both my little men officially ‘named’! I’ll leave you with a few photos (apologies for the quality of some), though I was so busy I didn’t take many and I’ve only managed to get a few from other people.


Candy cart provided by Stunning by Leanne.
Soft play provided by Ballpool Heaven and Softplay Scunthorpe.
‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ print provided by Prints by Tommy’s Mammy.
Cake provided by my Mum!
Cupcakes provided by me!

3 thoughts on “A rainbow Naming Day

  1. Oh that sounds and looks like it was a wonderful day. I love N's outfit and what a lovely happy grin he has in the first photo. The cake looks absolutely amazing too. Glad all went well and you had such a lovely day 🙂

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