Living a healthy lifestyle is of great importance in this day & age due to the rise & rise of obesity. I’m ashamed to say that I fit within this category, but if you have been reading the blog recently you will have noticed that I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle in order to lose weight. I managed to do it pre-children and I felt absolutely great for it. I am determined to reach my goal weight and stay there this time and I don’t want to let anything get in my way. The two very obvious ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle are by exercising, and eating healthily.

I do admit, I have not done any strenuous exercise since a few months after J was born, so in around two years. I used to do a lot of exercise, nearly every day, before he arrived. But I didn’t have children and wasn’t so tired and busy all of the time back then! I used to partake in a whole variety of exercise – going to the gym, running (well, the Couch to 5k programme), cardio boxing, aerobics, step aerobics, good old walking, and yoga/Pilates. The thing is, I really did enjoy it and used to look forward to doing it; I know that when I start doing more exercise again then I will feel the same, it’s just finding the energy for it (maybe when the children leave home?!). The only activity I really do nowadays is walking. Some days I just can’t be bothered but when I do get out, I feel great for it as I know I am helping my body to become healthy again. 
I’m also trying to eat a lot healthier – the weekly fruit & veg box I get delivered is helping with this as I can meal plan around my boxes and instead of snacking on unhealthy food I can just quickly pick up a piece of fruit. One thing I have changed recently regarding my eating habits is instead of sandwiches (so bad carbohydrates) for lunch, I’ve been eating a lot more salads. Florette have a whole host of healthy salad recipes to browse through and find inspiration from with a large variety of different flavours and combinations for both lunches and dinners. The pesto pasta one especially tickled my fancy when I was browsing as we had all of the ingredients in the house, and very yummy it was too; eating healthily doesn’t have to mean boring – even J and the husband ate it!
Living a healthy lifestyle is something I really wish to pass on to my boys as hubby & I have lived unhealthily for far too long, and we want to be around for them for a long time to come. We don’t want them to end up the way we are at the moment, and we want to set them both a good example. Saying that, they both love their food, but even though J has a treat every now & again they do eat a lot of fruit & vegetables – I’m working on the salad! Though for me, nowadays I would much rather have a lovely salad for lunch than a carbohydrate loaded sandwich or sausage roll, especially when there is so much variety to choose from.
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I'm Stacey, in my (very) early 30's, from a small village in North Lincolnshire. I'm a stay at home mum to two boys and a mental dog. You'll find me blogging mainly about food & lifestyle with a bit of random thrown in.

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