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Little man J was a late starter with his teeth coming through (compared to his peers anyway) and didn’t get his first one until 9 months old. He still doesn’t have them all so is still teething at the minute. N has started teething too, so I currently have two teething babies!

With both J & N teething, I gladly obliged when I was offered to review some Dentinox Teething Gel.

This teething gel:

  • is suitable from birth.
  • numbs pain.
  • helps eliminate infection.
  • is pleasant tasting.
  • is sugar-free.
To use Dentinox teething gel, you simply apply a small amount onto a clean finger or a cotton bud and rub along the gums. It can also be reapplied after 20 minutes if necessary. 
As with any teething baby or toddler with sore gums, you may have to fight them to apply it and they may try and lick it off, but otherwise it is a doddle to apply. Once I had applied it, it did take a while for N to settle down but when he had, he was much happier. I did have to reapply it soon after though so I’m not really sure how long it lasts regarding pain. It seems to do the trick at the time though. 
Dentinox teething gel
Dentinox teething gel
Our rating – 4/5
As N is still so young and only having milk for food, we were offered to review the Dentinox Infant Colic Drops too. Colic is very common in babies and both bottle & breast fed babies can suffer with it, causing pain & crying which is horrible for both child & parents. 
These colic drops:
  • are suitable from birth.
  • gently disperse trapped air.
  • are pleasant tasting & alcohol free.
  • can be added to a bottle or administered via the syringe.
  • should be administered with or after a feed.
  • should only be given up to 6 times a day.
The liquid is quite thick so is not what you would expect from something describing drops, though this is incredibly minor so didn’t really bother me. I had a smell of it too and it smells like mint! I have no idea what it tastes like as I didn’t go that far.
I have mostly been adding the drops to N’s bottle, but for the purposes of this review I also used the syringe a couple of times. The syringe is similar to other syringes used to administer medicines. With this syringe though I found that it didn’t actually draw up to the full 2.5 ml as marked on it (which is the amount that should be used each time), so I’m not sure whether this would have changed its effectiveness. 
Administering via the syringe was easy as N is like his brother and will take anything if he thinks it’s food, but I did find it dribbled out of his mouth a little so prefer adding it straight to his bottle (though obviously not always possible whilst breastfeeding). Whilst winding him I did find that he would bring up a burp much easier using the colic drops than without, and he had much less crying afterwards.
Dentinox infant colic drops
Dentinox infant colic drops

Our rating – 4/5
The teething gel retails from £1-£2 depending on store. The colic drops retail for £2-£4 depending on store. The Dentinox range can be found at Boots, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, and independent pharmacies.

We were sent these products free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & our own.

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