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Wednesday 14th August – 12w
Noticed my belly has started to pop out a little – it’s actually looking more like bump than just fat now! 

I had a phone call from the midwife telling me I have a prescription to collect tomorrow for iron tablets – this is why I’ve been feeling so sleepy and tired. Hopefully I’ll start feeling a little better once I take these. Going to try some Spatone too as a few people have recommended it to me. 

Thursday 15th August – 12w 1d
I seem to have been in one of those pregzilla moods today where every little thing and everyone is annoying me. Mind you, I’m like that most of the time, I think the extra hormones are making it worse!

Friday 16th August – 12w 2d
I know it’s quite soon but I’m already starting to feel ever so slightly less tired now I have my tablets. I’m also on a repeat prescription for them, so probably for the next year as I was on them for quite a while after little man arrived…

Sunday 18th August – 12w 4d
Had another little man break today as Daddy took him out whilst I did some preparation for my fundraiser. Though it still tired me out, even the slightest little thing seems to. Hopefully along with the tablets and the second trimester looming, it should start to get better soon. 

Monday 19th August – 12w 5d
Have had an awful weird headache today so spent most of it laid on the sofa while little man played. I’ve been lucky so far with not suffering from headaches as bad as with little man, I forgot how bad they could get. 

Tuesday 20th August – 12w 6d
So tired again today, but I have only been taking my tablets on & off so that could be why. I’m awful for forgetting them…

At week 12, berry is the size of a lime.
Berry is now fully formed and well developed. They just have to grow and mature now.
The skeleton made of cartilage is now developing into bone.
The vocal cords are forming.
The kidneys begin to function as berry starts to pass out urine.
The external genitalia have developed and start to show signs of the sex.
Berry is moving quite a bit but can’t be felt yet.

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