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It seems everybody thought last night was the final episode of Skint, so I also thought this would be my final post on it, but it seems C4 have scheduled an extra episode for next week! 

Last nights episode involved the re-opening of the Desert Rat. This pub has always been around the corner from wherever I’ve lived on this estate, but I can honestly say I’ve never frequented it. Mainly because of the bad reputation it has – even when someone suggested that we use it for little man’s Naming Day reception I immediately disregarded because of that. Denise has now taken it over and hoped for a better future for the pub – though it looked like there was still anti-social behaviour; I don’t think that’ll ever change, it’s been like that for as long as I can remember. (And on the opening night shown, we recognised our old neighbour!)

Also featured was Kieron, a previous drug addict and shoplifter. I actually felt quite sorry for him as he was trying to get his life back on track, even volunteering at a drop-in centre. The episode showed us that he was chucked out of his sheltered accommodation  but didn’t tell us what for (unless I missed it) which must have been hard. But I said to hubby, this is what is irritating, they are using vulnerable people like this for entertainment purposes, though we are still the guilty parties for watching it and contributing to them showing it…

Now Dean, and their holiday… Well I haven’t much to say about that but I thought the language he was using in front of the small children was absolutely disgusting, no wonder they were repeating it! But you hear people talking to their children like that all the time around here and it makes me sick. 

And finally Shane. He had been out of work for months, after previously living & working in Abu Dhabi, but came back to be near his daughter. He is also a cage fighter, and although it’s fighting, hubby & I both agreed that at least it was in a controlled environment rather than out in the streets. One issue I had with him though was that he had decorated his 1 year old daughter’s rocking horse with small diamantes, obviously a choking hazard…. I was glad he found work in the end, not doing what he wanted, but like he said, he’s earning his own money and being able to provide for his daughter himself. 

Judging by next weeks episode description, we are going to recognise more people! Watch out for my final blog post next Tuesday. 

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