Weight loss journey – week 2

This week is week two of my new journey (although Friday will be the end of week 1 with Tesco Diets, but I’m joining in with the other lovely bloggers on a Wednesday!). So my official weigh in day is Friday, though I jumped on the scales for a sneaky peek earlier and it was showing a gain, sigh. Though this was after I had eaten, when I usually weigh first thing in the morning so I’m not taking it as definite yet. 

I still haven’t started any exercise, or done as much walking as I was planning to, I’m really rubbish at that part! BUT I have been sticking to my plan, I am finding it really easy as I have it already set for the day so stick to my allowance, whereas before I would just snack throughout the day as I had no plan so would regularly go over my calorie allowance. 

I’ve discovered some really yummy meals too, such as banana cinnamon toast for breakfast,  a delicious pasta bake with bacon, and this yummy Asian baked chicken with vegetables & rice:

Asian baked chicken with vegetables & rice
Asian baked chicken with vegetables & rice

Tonight I was even allowed a mixed grill! I am eating a heck of a lot more fruit & veg than I used to as well, though I still struggle with my water intake… 

All in all I’m quite enjoying this new plan so far. I will come back on Friday to edit this post with my weigh in results! 

I’m joining in with The Naked Mum’s Wobbles Wednesday linky.

2 thoughts on “Weight loss journey – week 2

  1. You need to weigh in at the same time so don't worry yet, I'm sure when you weigh in next your hard work will show. Good luck with your diet.

  2. I am a Slimming World member, have been since March {6wks after having my daughter} and its taken me until now to lose just over half a stone! Its so hard! But after my weigh-in last night {I had a maintain} I'm all positive {mostly} today. So fingers crossed for a good result next! I'll be sharing some yummy dishes over the next week myself so keep a wee eye out! 😉 x

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