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On Sunday I reached 36 weeks pregnant, eek! Can’t believe how close it is now, at the end of this week I will be classed as full term!

It made it all the more real when the midwife said today that we may not make our appointment at 38 weeks because baby could arrive any time soon! Though I just know he’s going to keep us waiting, just like his Daddy… Regarding today’s appointment, my urine sample was fine, my blood pressure was fine, and baby is still head down though not engaged yet, but that’s normal. Bump is measuring at 36 weeks too. Obviously today is Valentines Day, we don’t really celebrate it, but we both had the best present anyway of hearing little man’s heartbeat! That was perfect too. 

More recently I’ve been having shooting pains down below, they really do take you by surprise, somewhat like an electric shock, quite painful! Just the nerves though and baby pressing on them… It happened in the supermarket recently, I did let out a squeal, so glad that there weren’t many people around! 

Also last Thursday I had a slight fall. It had been snowing the Saturday before, and so cold that it hadn’t disappeared. On Thursday it started snowing again, and of course the previous snow had compacted when it had started melting, so the fresh snow just lay on top of that. We were at the in-laws, I just stepped out the door ready to go home and slipped flat on my behind, ouch! I promptly burst into tears, it shook me up quite badly, I was so worried that I’d hurt little man. I cried all the way home in the car as he wasn’t moving. We got home and rang the midwife and she said to sit down and calm down for 20 minutes and see if he started moving, so I did, and had a glass of cold water and I’m so glad he started wriggling about! Since then, while the snow has been here I haven’t let go of hubby when we’ve been outside, but the rain has been and it’s mostly got rid of it now, thank goodness. I usually love the snow but it’s really not very nice when you’re heavily pregnant.  

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