Here we go again…

So little man is ill.


This is the third time (fourth, if you count his awful MMR reaction) since his birthday.

The first one was his ear infection, then he had gastroenteritis, then of course his MMR reaction, and now he has a chest infection & virus.

He started with a slight cough on Friday night, then by Saturday his breathing had gotten a bit heavy and wheezy too. His temperature was also 38.5. We gave him Calpol hoping it would stop it before it got any worse, but by Sunday morning it hadn’t improved, and he was sleeping lots again. We rang NHS Direct (I feel like a paranoid Mummy always ringing them!) and they got an out of hours doctor to ring us back, who asked us to take him to the hospital. 

It wasn’t too long a wait once we arrived, about 15 minutes in the waiting room and we were seen. It transpired that he has a chest infection and a slight virus. We were given a prescription for 4 lots of medication to take – Calpol, amoxicillin, simple linctus, and nose drops! 

The doctor also suggested he could have asthma. But he didn’t want to diagnose that after just one chest examination, but told us to keep an eye on him and if it happens again, take him to the GP. 

I just want my poor little man to stop being ill. 

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